Friday, September 17, 2010

Eco-Friendly Friday: For the Love of Reisenthel

Since it has been a couple months since I posted about my beloved Reisenthel Market Basket...

I thought I would dedicate an ENTIRE Eco-Friendly Friday post to one of my favorite reuseable companies, especially since they have some of the CUTEST new items this fall.

For starters, is now carrying the Reisenthel Market Basket cover!!!

This cover is perfect for taking your basket on picnics, or keeping all your crafts neat and tidy inside (that's for you Mom, Lynne and Diana), and for keeping your kids from reaching inside and pulling things out while you are driving :-) It comes in several neutral colors so you don't have to sacrifice the cuteness of your basket either.

Reisenthel also has a great new reuseable shopping bag called the Mini Maxi Carryall...

What sets this little bag apart from other reuseable shoppers is that it actually has a zipper top! There is also a drawstring option when the bag is too full and the zipper won't close. But how awesome to have all your contents stay inside when they are rolling around your car! And you know me...I love anything that I could use as a tote or purse :-)

I like to call this next Reisenthel shopper the "Wine Drinker's Bag"...

As you can see, this bad boy holds six bottles in addition to groceries. How nice would it be to walk out of the grocery store without all that glass clanging around (that's for you Lins). I also love that this bag has two different size handles that makes it easier for carrying.

And finally, the bulk shopper's dream...the Reisenthel Shopping Cart Basket...

If you are a bulk shopper and do the majority of your grocery shopping at Cosco, you MUST get these new shopping car baskets. They have built-in sturdy side hooks that attach to the shopping cart so that your basket stays open. They are made of durable, tear-resistant fabric and they have a velcro closure top so items don't fall out of your bag in the car. What an awesome alternative to the gross cardboard boxes they give you or letting your bulk groceries roll around your trunk. Such an awesome new product.

If any of these fabulous new Reisenthel items strike your fancy, be sure to head over to and check them out. And remember, today is the LAST day to use your 10% off coupon code. Just enter SOCLEAN at checkout. Happy Reisenthel Friday everyone!!!

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  1. okay LOVE the bulk shoppers!! I have a basket and love it but I haven't seen those!!


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