Sunday, September 12, 2010

Halloween Costumes...Check!

If you've been reading my blog the past few years, you know that I tend to jump the gun when it comes to holidays. I know that September is a little early to be thinking about Halloween costumes, let alone buying them, but I just can't help myself :-) Actually, you can blame my mom for starting the ball rolling when she picked up this ADORABLE Tinkerbell costume for Addie...

Addison has been all about Tinkerbell lately so it was no surprise that she chose to be her for Halloween. And since you simply can't be Tinkerbell without a magical wand...

And light-up fairy shoes...

My mom got her both. Sooooooooooo spoiled. But I have to admit, she is the cutest Tinkerbell I have ever seen! Yes...we have tried on the costume. About 5 times :-)

Since Blake can't really speak for himself this year, I asked Addie what she thought he should be for Halloween. Her answer?

We watch a lot of Disney so I guess this choice didn't come as a surprise either. I just picked up his costume this week and he is freaking PRECIOUS in it! Can't wait to get their picture together :-)

So, has anyone else jumped the gun and bought their kid's costumes yet?


  1. Oh yes! My mom also bought Emma's costume. Cinderella! She's worn it many times already. And Samantha I think is going to be a pink bunny. I was going to have her be the flower from Old Navy...but they don't carry her size. :( But the pink bunny is pretty adorable! Can't wait to see pics of Addie and Blake! And hopefully it won't be freezing and windy this year.

  2. Oh well um, I may or may not have... (may) bought his Halloween costume for this year before I bought his costume for last year... oops. (IT WAS ON SUPER DUPER CLEARANCE!!!) Isaac is going to be Donald Duck! Except, he wants to be Woody.... we'll see who wins. ;-)

  3. Matt is set for Halloween. He is going to be a monkey. I got his costume from Old Navy. Zach is a bit more tricky. He can't seem to decide between Wolverine, Spiderman, and Captain America. I can't believe at 2 he is already wanting superhero costumes. I guess I have my 4 yr old nephew to thank on that one!

    Cute costumes by the way!

  4. That is adorable!! I started looking and getting ideas at the end of August. So, no, I don't think it is too soon.

    I have to know where you purchased the Mickey Mouse costume. My son loves MM and I can't find one locally so I need order one. Thanks.


  5. Those are super cute! I love the shoes!

    That's a baaad shoe habit starting young! A girl can never have too many!

  6. Too cute! Isn't Halloween your favorite holiday? For some reason I remember Addie having more than one costume last year... Hmmm... :) I already asked my SIL what Nickolai will be... she said maybe a Dino because his favorite rattle is a plush Dino! Auntie is ON THE HUNT! :) Have any suggestions on where to find one?

  7. Yep, I bought one too. I got Jack a lion costume this past weekend. I was at Once Upon a Child, which is a resale shop. And they already had all their costumes out. I figured for $6.50 I couldn't pass it up. I had him try it on and he is such a cute lion. I figured it'd be a good choice since he likes to roar. He seemed to like it too. :)


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