Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa Steve!!

Tonight we celebrated my Father-in-law Steve's 55th birthday!

In case you didn't know, the girls loooooooooooove their Papa Steve. In fact, they even fight over who gets to sit on his lap...

But Papa Steve always makes room for the both of them...

And they greatly appreciate that :-)

Because Papa Steve...and Birthday Cakes...are pretty much their favorite things when we all get together.

So you can imagine how the girls reacted when Papa Steve decided to eat his entire cake himself...

Just kidding :-) However, the girls did think that they weren't going to get any cake tonight so when we finally cut them a slice...they couldn't wait to dive in. Nia went in head first (no fork required) but Addie just stared at it for a minute and licked her lips. Ahh...anticipation :-)

Now...I don't want you to think that Papa Steve doesn't make plenty of time for his little guys too...because he does. We just can't seem to ever get a good picture...

Like all of our family parties, everyone went home tonight totally full and totally pooped! But we had a wonderful time and we hope that Papa Steve did too. And in case we didn't say it enough,


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