Thursday, September 30, 2010

The One Big Item on my Birthday Wishlist

My "Girls Night Out" surprise party was just one of 3 awesome birthday celebrations I have to look forward to this year. I know 3 different birthday parties seems a bit excessive, but you only turn 30 once and it only seems fitting to have one party to celebrate each decade. Ha!

My second party is next weekend and it is actually going to be a joint birthday celebration for my SIL Diana and I. We thought we could celebrate our 30-something birthdays together to soften the blow :-) We are both asking for one big ticket item that the family can go in on. Di wants a composter (if you read her fabulous blog, this won't come as a surprise to you :-). I, on the other hand, want something that Diana wouldn't be caught dead on...

That's right baby...a TREADMILL!!! I simply have to have one of these things if I am going to keep up with my running over the winter. I am not a big gym person and I know I won't be able to handle running outside on a cold winters day. The old Jen would probably look at this as a great excuse to quit running or working out, but I am addicted now and I don't want to stop.

I have yet to try this treadmill out in person, but I am hoping to do so this weekend. But before I commit to buying anything, I would love some advice. Do any of you own a great treadmill? Do any of you own a crappy treadmill I should stay away from? Do you know what brands hold up the best? Any additional insight I could get on this topic would be very helpful :-)

So there you go. I am turning 30 and instead of asking for jewelry, fancy clothes, or a new Coach purse...I am asking for a treadmill. Ahh...I guess that just comes with getting Although, if anyone wanted to throw a new Coach purse my way...I wouldn't send it back :)


  1. Happy early birthday! And remember age is just a number!!

  2. I have a TRUE treadmill. Z series. I love it - its awesome. When I bought mine we went into a home fitness store and ran on a couple and it just led me to the one we got. Wouldnt switch it out for anything.

  3. Ok, ya got me! I totally laughed out loud on that one! You know me so well!

    I can't help you pick one of course, but I am rootin' for ya! They had a special on Consumer Reports on Nightline last night. So that is the best advice I can give ya...ask someone who knows better and doesn't "Frown upon exercise!"

  4. Gotta love Libras! :)

    I hate treadmill running but we have been discussing these as well! I love Cybex brand everything... but they tend to be a bit more expensive :(

  5. You have a birthday coming, when?


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