Friday, September 24, 2010

Preparing for Race Day

I know preparing for my first race should be all about nutrition, hydration, rest, etc. But instead of worrying about those things, I have chosen to focus on what's really what I am wearing.

Race Day

I am going to be decked out in my cute new Nike outfit so that even if I come in last...I will be coming in last in style :-) I just can't believe the time has finally come. I have been thinking about this race for months and now here it is...just 36 hours away. The weather report says that it is going to be 66 and sunny. Seriously...could you pick a more beautiful fall day? I think not :-)

I know I have nothing to be nervous about. I have been running 5Ks every other morning for the past 4 weeks so I know I can do it. But if that is the case...why am I suddenly so worried that I won't make it??? I know it wouldn't be the end of the world if I had to walk or if my time wasn't a personal best. But I have worked so hard for so many weeks that I feel like it would be a HUGE letdown if I couldn't run the entire race. But what do I do? The race is in 36 hours and training time has officially run out. So all I feel I can do at this point is take a deep breath...and try on my cute running outfit. That is, unless any of you other runners out there have some advice? What do you do the night before a race? Do you veg out? Do you do something for motivation? Do you go to bed at like 5:00 p.m.? I would love any advice on how to prepare and keep my nerves down tomorrow night.

Thanks in advance friends. Wish me luck!!!!!! My results will be posted on Sunday. Woohoo!!


  1. When I ran track in high school they always told us to eat carbs for dinner like pasta. Not exactly sure why... Good luck, you will do great and there is no reason to worry! You should just have a great time!!!

  2. You're going to do great! If anything, the nerves & adrenaline will push you harder than you run by yourself! Of course, it will be important to pace yourself but I bet the amount of people and the idea of the whole thing is going to psych you up!!! This whole running thing is just as much of a mind game as it is physical! :) Eat a healthy dinner that is well balanced w/a good protein & carb... ten get up with plenty of time to have a good healthy but light breakfast so it will settle before race time. Maybe scrambled eggs & toast? Or eggs & canadian bacon??? Something that is packed w/protein but not heavy. :) I'm so excited for you!!!

    Oh, cute outfit too! :) I definitely do NOT have cute running gear! Haha! Can't wait to hear about it!


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