Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What Makes a House a Home

My brother Ryan and sis-in-law Meagan have been working diligently the past two months to make their new house a home. They have painted, put together furniture, hung picture after picture, purchased rugs that cost way more than they should (but were totally worth it), installed some new doors, and added all the finishing touches to cozy up the place. They still have plenty they want to do, but they couldn't wait any longer to invite the family up for a Labor Day/Housewarming Party!!

The majority of us couldn't wait to get the tour of their newly decorated home, but Addie had other plans...

The swing set (and Papa) were all she cared about when we got there...

And while Addie played on the swing set, Blake spent some quality time with Jenny Girl. I don't know what it is, but the kids just LOVE Jenny!! They can't get enough of her! We like to call her the baby whisperer :-)

And in true Superintendent fashion....Daddy supervised the backyard shenanigans :-)

While all of us girls were busy in the kitchen, we started talking about what makes a house a home. We like to joke and say that a new hutch from Hobby Lobby or a new rug from Crate and Barrel make a house a home, but that is just how we justify buying them :-) In the end, we realize that what makes a house a home is family. And when it comes to family, we are one lucky bunch.

We may drive each other crazy from time to time...

But we always remember that it is out of love.

And no matter what happens in our daily lives, we always have family to come home to.

Thanks for a fabulous dinner and house tour Ryan and Meagan!!! Your place looks BEAUTIFUL and we can't wait to come up again :-) Love yous!

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  1. Glad you guys had a fun family day! I am reading this after seeing Di's post on the pjs... LOL! I love your flats in these pix, where are they from?! Too cute!


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