Monday, October 11, 2010

Birthday Recap

To call my 30th birthday "fabulous" just doesn't cut it. It was honestly the BEST birthday ever!! I suppose it had a little something to do with this...

But more on that later.

Because my SIL Diana and I share a birthday week, my parents decided to throw us a joint party this Saturday and it was so much fun!!!! In case you didn't know, my family rocks when it comes to giving gifts. Everyone is so generous and creative. Just look at the antique dinner bell my brother Ryan and SIL Meagan found for Diana...

Diana has said for years that she needs a good old fashioned dinner bell to bring the "kids" in from the farm. Well...thanks to my eBay and research savvy brother...she has her very own piggie bell now!! Love it :-)

And I was pretty spoiled as well. I got a lot of great gifts but these are some of my favorites...

My "Give Thanks" frame from Meagan and Ryan. The kid's picture looks so perfect in it...

Seasons 1 an 2 of True Blood, compliments of Diana and Adam. Di and I have already scheduled our wine and True Blood marathon :-)

My "Run Like a Mother" book from my mom and dad. They got me lots of great running-themed gifts (which I will post about later) but this book was my favorite. I can't wait to read it!

I also got some more money for my treadmill fund, which is a good thing because it is being delivered Thursday!!!! Woohoo!!

Now, after opening gifts and sharing some laughs, Meagan surprised me with her other gift....the gift of sugar. She couldn't decide which type of cake/dessert to make us, so she made me a banana split icecream cake...

And Diana a chocolate pumpkin cake...

Oh, and did I mention the apple cinnamon cheesecake squares? Yeah...she made all three. And my dad bought us all a caramel apple from a local candy shop. Pretty sure this little scene right here is why I am 5 pounds heavier today...

It was a fabulous party and I am so happy we all got to celebrate together :-)

After all the celebrating I have done the past two weeks, I honestly didn't expect anything on my actual birthday. was a Monday and NOTHING fun happens on Mondays. But, Eric decided to surprise me and came home early from work with an extra special treat...

Gerber daisies are my favorite flower and this bouquet reminds me so much of our wedding. It was such a great surprise. And even though I loved my flowers, the best part was having Eric home early. We got to spend the afternoon with the kids and enjoy a nice dinner (that I didn't have to cook)! And then after they went to bed, we plopped down on the couch for a True Blood marathon and I enjoyed a large glass of my birthday wine. It was the perfect way to end a perfect birthday :-)

Thanks so much to EVERYONE who made my birthday so special this year. I love and appreciate you all so very much :) Here's to another fabulous decade!!


  1. The next decade will be even better!!!!!

  2. HA! All that sugar and we lived thru it! And you can see the writing on your ice cream cake even!

    Those flowers are really really pretty!

    Glad to know you and Eric got to send your 20's out with a bang! ;)


  3. Choc pumpkin cake...YUM!!!

    Glad you had a great birthday!!

  4. Looks like you had fun! :) Your hair looks really good, btw. I was looking at the pictures and asking myself what was different and then realized you got "yer hairs did!" Looks great!!!


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