Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blake is 10 Months Old! This Means It's Birthday Planning Time!

Words cannot express how much I love this little guy...

At 10 months old, Blake is still the sweetest, happiest, most loving little baby any mama could ever ask for. He loves to cuddle, take bubble baths, play with his toys (especially balls), eat bananas, chase Howie around the house and laugh at his big sister. He doesn't love to sleep, eat any green veggies, have his nose wiped or his diaper changed. He is a man that knows what he wants and when he doesn't get it...he turns on the charm. All he has to do is flash me that little grin and I am putty in his hands.

He weighs almost 21 pounds, is 30 inches long and he is wearing 18 month clothes. All this crawling is starting to make him lose a little of his baby fat and that makes me sad. I want him to stay chunky for just a little while longer. He is doing great standing on his own, but we are still a ways off from walking (thank the lord). I am assuming he will be taking steps by his birthday but who knows...he could surprise me and take his first step tomorrow :-)

And speaking of birthdays, now that Blake's is only two months away, I feel a little less crazy about working on party ideas. I already had Blake's birthday theme picked out when he was born so it's exciting to start planning all the fun little details. And since I have chosen to go with a Snowman theme, there are COUNTLESS possibilities for decorations, food, treats, activities for the kids, etc.

I usually start the planning process with invitations, since those will need to be mailed in a month! Yikes! I usually make all of my own invitations, but with two active kiddies, a stack of final term papers to grade, a scrapbook to finish AND all the added craziness of the holidays...I think I am going to have to outsource this year :) But that's okay because I have already come across some super cute Snowman invites from Lil' Duck Duck...

As much as I love the sledding snowmen, I really like to have the kids picture on their invites. This is another cute option...

Still not sure if it is "snowmany" enough, but it's an idea. This other retro winter invite is cute too...but I may have to see if they can add a snowman. I love how the little boy is in his snowsuit and hat for the picture. I may steal that idea :-)

I still have a lot of searching to do, but I am happy I was able to find so many non-christmas snowman invites. I guess this is a pretty popular winter theme for birthdays.

In addition to invites, I have started to think of activities and food for the party. If we are lucky enough to have snow, the kids can go for rides on the pull sled my dad made us. Indoors, there are TONS of make-your-own snowmen crafts that would be inexpensive to get the supplies for and easy for the kids to make and take home.

As for food, the one thing I know this party MUST HAVE is a snow cone machine...

It just wouldn't be right to have a snowman party without snow cones. I was on the hunt for a cute machine that would work for Blake's party and next summer at my parents pool. I found this machine from CSNstores and it is just what I am looking for! And wouldn't you know...the great folks at CSN are going to let me review it!! Woohoo!! If you haven't checked out CSN stores from some of my other posts, you have to go visit right now. They have everything from snow cone machines to upholstered headboards. You can literally find ANYTHING you are looking for. It may be where I shop for all my Christmas presents :-)

It has been a crazy busy month and I have a feeling I will be posting Blake's 11 month update before I know it. Time is just going way too fast :-( But at the same time, I love watching my baby grow and I can't wait to see all the new things he learns this month. Until then friends!


  1. SO FUN! My little one is about to turn 9 months and we are having a snowflake theme for her party! :)

  2. Love his birthday theme! My friend did a winter theme for her son's first bday last year and has a "Winter ONEderland Theme" I thought that was such a cute idea!

  3. I am not being bias here, I swear.

    But that little bugger belongs on the cover of a magazine!

    I could just eat him up he is so darn cute. I think you should start submitting his cute little butt. Seriously.

  4. Sarah - Awesome! We will have to exchange fun party ideas :-)

    Ashley - That is such a CUTE title for the party! I may steal that actually :-) Thanks for posting it!

    Di - I know...he so darn cute I can't stand it sometimes! Maybe I should pimp him out? He would make one adorable GAP baby :-)

  5. Winter ONEderland is awesome!

    And yes Jen, you really should start pimping!

    Look out GAP! There's a new kid in town. I say do it!

  6. So cute! If you really like the one invite and they can't add a snowman, maybe you find a pic of one and put it in one of the picture spaces. Can't wait to see pics, I bet it will be an adorable theme.

  7. Oh, he's just adorable. I was so sad when Coop started getting "skinny" :)

    Those invites are all adorable! You can't go wrong. I do LOVE the snowman theme!

  8. Just found your blog. Looks like a "cool" (winter) party.

  9. How cute! Can't believe it's almost been a year! Time flies!


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