Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Great Gifts for New Runners

The great thing about running, in comparison to other sports, is that it doesn't take much to get you started. All it really takes is a good pair of running shoes, an open road and a big can of motivation.

But when you take an interest in any activity, there are tons of things you might not need...but really, really want. Now, if you are a good shopper like me, you can usually find a way to turn any want into a need. Ha! I was lucky enough to get a whole bunch of great running-themed gifts that my friends and family felt I needed. Here are some of my favorites...

Cold Weather Running Jacket

My friend Joe (a.k.a Uncle Joe), who is also a new runner, thought that I could put this cold weather jacket to good use. It is the Women's Velocity Soft Shelter Jacket from Road Runner Sports and it is AWESOME!!!!!! Seriously...I don't know how to explain how awesome this coat is. It is lightweight, water and wind resistant, and fits like a glove. In my opinion, a good running jacket for colder weather is a definite need :-) Thank you SO MUCH Joe!

Cute & Practical Running Clothes

Even though Eric doesn't always understand why I need cute running clothes when I can just wear an old t-shirt, he still picked me out one of the greatest running tops for my birthday. It is the AllSeasonsGear Crew Top by Under Armour and it is fabulous!!! I may end up getting it in every single color!!! Eric was able to find me the limited edition Power in Pink Breast Cancer top like this and it is adorable. Plus, because it is for a good cause, it makes it a definite need. In fact, I think any runner (male of female) should splurge on at least one Under Armour shirt. They rock :-)

Motivational Books

Both my mom and SIL Dana know me too well. They know that I love to read and that whenever I take on something new in my life, I HAVE to read about it. My SIL Dana bought me the Runner's World Complete Book of Women's Running by Dagney Scott Barrios. This book has information on everything from getting started, to training, to eating right, and to staying motivated. And because it is geared towards women, it has a lot of great information on caring for your body, running while pregnant, etc. I haven't had a chance to read it cover to cover yet, but I plan to post a review once I do. I will also post about the great book my mom got me called Run Like a Mother: How to Get Moving and Not Lose Your Job, Family or Sanity. I think the title pretty much speaks for itself :-) I seriously CAN'T WAIT to read this.

Fun & Necessary Accessories

The other morning, when it was close to 39 degrees, I wore a big hat to go running. It was too cold not to wear it, but I was way too hot underneath it. Eric, like the smart guy he is, took note of that run and came hope with this North Face Ear Gear Headband! I may have given him a few hints about it, but least he was smart enough to take my hints. Ha! I tried this headband on last winter, before I had a reason to buy it, and it was awesome. It stays over my ears and keeps me warm without making me sweat like a pig. This is a definite need.

Now, for the record, I am not a huge fan of fanny packs. Okay, maybe I was at one time in my life, but not anymore. However, this small personal item belt is such a smart idea for runners!!! If you are competing in a race and don't have anywhere to stash your cell phone, keys, PowerBar, etc...what better place to store those items then around your waist! I tried this on the day my mom gave it to me and filled it up. I was actually surprised by how much it holds without looking bulky. Nice work mama!!!! I can't wait to use it!

This was another score for my mom. It's called The Stick and it's a self massager (get your dirty mind out of the gutter). It's for athletes to help them rub out sore muscles before or after working out. It doesn't seem like much, but my gosh does it work!!! I love this thing!!! Now, I gave it to another running friend (who shall remain nameless) and he said that it didn't do anything for him. He said he likes "harder massages". I'll leave that one alone...
So this item may not be for everyone, but I personally think it is great.

A Treadmill

I realize this is a pretty big ticket item, but if you have the means, get your new runner a treadmill!! I FINALLY decided on a treadmill and I got the BEST DEAL EVER!!!! I chose the NordicTrack Elite 7500 and it is being delivered tomorrow!!!!! I am just so excited to have a treadmill for the days I can't run outside. Eric told me last night that having a new treadmill might make him want to start running too and I hope he does because I would love to have him as a running partner :-)

So there you have it...some great gift ideas for new runners in your life. I know a lot of these are geared towards women, so if any men actually read my blog, please feel free to comment with some male ideas :-) Happy Wednesday Everyone!!


  1. So in otherwords, Joe prefers a hand job? Is that what you meant? HA!

    Maybe we can hook Missy up to the tread when you get it!

    Hey, where are you putting it?

  2. Oh gosh. Di is getting freaky over here... ;)

    My BFF Shandy has that muscle stick thing... you better believe I gave her hell about it. It also works... I like it a lot. The key is to make sure you don't use it with tense muscles. The muscles have to be relaxed! HA!

    I want that underarmour long sleeved shirt... I'm not sure if it comes in my size though. :( I also need a cooler weather jacket type of thing but I'm not quite at the level of spending that kind of cash... yet. :) I also want the fanny packish thing. Ok, I want everything... lol! Except for the tredmill.. I have matcing scars on my knees from an incident... I'll show you when I get there. :)

  3. Wow! That was great gifts..Nice Post!

    My feet have several thousand meetings scheduled with the dirt on a trail not far from here.  Who am I to keep them waiting?  Time to run.  ~Jeb Dickerson,


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