Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Di!!!

Today is my SIL Diana's birthday!!!!!!

Di always says she "doesn't do corny" so I tried really hard not to go that direction with this first. But then I realized, Di is a total bullshitter! She does do corny and I love that about her. Actually...there are a lot of things Diana says she is...but isn't.

For example, Di always claims she is "totally lazy". Umm...yeah. Please take a look at her pantry...

She grew AND canned everything in that pantry. Seriously. I think it is safe to say that this woman is anything but lazy.

Di also says she "doesn't do cute". This is a total freaking lie. This chic is all about cute!!! Especially when it comes to her sewing...

Speaking of which, Di always likes to claim that her sewing projects "look like shit". My mom and I always laugh because Diana could not be more talented. I know my mom is a fabulous teacher, but instruction only goes so far. It's obvious Di has a gift for this sort of thing and in case you need more proof, she is already giving her own instructional posts on how to make a purse like this. Seriously...

Probably the most laughable of all Di's claims is that she is the "mean Aunt" because she is strict. She may be stern, but this chic is anything but mean. For God's sake...does a "mean" aunt buy their niece her first easy bake oven and then spend the day cooking with her? I think not..

And finally, Di always told me that she would never be able to start a blog because she "isn't creative or interesting enough". If you have ever read Di's know that is the furthest thing from the truth. And if 32 followers in only a few months of blogging isn't enough proof...I don't know what is :-) my cute, talented, energetic and generous sister...I hope you have a FABULOUS birthday!!! Thanks for being all the things you are and claim not to be. We love you so much!!!


  1. Happy Birthday girl!!! I agree, you are definitely creative, cute and NOT LAZY!!! Goooood LORD! Hope you have a fantastic day! :)

  2. Happy birthday to your sis-in-law! :)

  3. Busted! I think I just got called out!

    Thank you Jen, for such a thoughtful post. Really. You made me cry! And you know how I just love that!

    Big hugs sis!

  4. First time leaving a comment and I know my friend Diana is truly one of the most caring,loyal,smart,talented friend that I have known for many years and I hope your day today was a great one because you deserve it! Love you Diana and your blog and yours to Jen!


  5. Uhm, yeah, I think I want her pantry! And that fall decoration, so cute!! Happy Birthday Diana!


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