Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Happy Halloween Indeed

I don't know who had more fun this Halloween...


Or Mickey Mouse...

Or maybe it was Daddy...

Nope. It was DEFINITELY Mommy!!

Halloween was a freaking blast this year with the kids. Addie was SO excited to get dressed up today and go trick-or-treating. Blake wasn't quite as thrilled about his costume, but he still had a good time :-)

Our first stop today was Mima and Papa Steve's house...

Aunt Dana, Uncle Kevin, Nia and Nolan were all there too!!

We realized, once again, that getting the kids to all smile for a picture is near impossible. This was literally the best picture I got of the four of them. Ha!

Luckily, these two cuties managed to smile for one more picture before heading out the door.

The kids trick-or-treated in Mima and Papa's neighborhood for about 10 minutes and already had an entire basket full of candy. I guess that would be fine if the fun stopped there...

But it didn't. When we got back to our house, Nana, Papa, Great Nana and Uncle Joe were all there waiting for us!

Nana passed out candy for us so that Eric and the kids and I could hit a few houses in our neighborhood. Here is our family pic (with both kids looking away of course :-)

Once again, the kids only went to a few houses and came back with ANOTHER full basket of candy.

At first, I thought Addie's favorite part of Halloween would be going trick-or-treating. But as it turns out, her favorite part of the whole night was passing out candy to other kids!! She stood at the door with me ALL NIGHT and waited for other kids to come by. She was actually sad when it was over.

But before the little Halloweiners headed off to bed, Great Nana gave them one last snuggle.

Blake went down like a ton of bricks tonight, but Addie had to burn off some of that sugar first. She literally twirled herself silly and then finally crashed a few hours ago. I can already see that we are going to be on sugar detox tomorrow and the first step to her recovery was hiding the HUGE bag of candy that she scored tonight. And trust me...I am not hiding the candy just for her. 6 peanut butter cups, 3 almond joys and a handful of candy corn later...I can honestly say that I need a sugar intervention. But it's just so darn GOOD!!!

It's always sad when a holiday that takes so much preparation comes to an end. But what I LOVE about the end of Halloween is the beginning of the HOLIDAY SEASON!!! I can officially talk about Christmas without people rolling their eyes at me now. Woohoo!! But before I jump into holiday mode, I have a very fun week ahead of me to look forward to. My bloggy friend Chelsi is finally coming out for a visit after two years of being pen pals. YAY!!! And I forced her to sign up for the Hot Chocolate 5K so she will be participating in that race with me this Saturday! Its going to be a crazy busy week but I look forward to sharing lots of fun pictures and stories.

I hope everyone has a great week and a very successful Halloween detox!


  1. Your kiddies were SO FREAKING CUTE in those costumes!! I cannot get over your little mickey mouse:)

    I've been meaning to thank you for all the sweet comments you've left me in the past. I never have the time to respond {thus this LATE response} but they are so encouraging and thoughtful!! You make me smile and I appreciate that! :)

  2. I love them! HA! They're so adorable! And, I already said this on FB but I'm so glad you guys dressed up too... it makes it so much more fun! :) I got to go with little Nickolai and Elaina with their mommies tonight... they're so nice to let Auntie tag along! :)

    I'm so anxious for this week! I probably won't sleep a wink!!!

  3. Awe the costumes turned out so cute! Now that Addison is getting to that 'fun' stage, it makes it that much more FUN!

  4. SO FUN! And SO jealous of you and Chelsi spending time together!!! Many many pictures will be required for me to overcome my jeaously and not hold a grudge!! Have a great time!

  5. They are sooo cute!! Love that you dressed up too. I wish I had!

    Blake's smile in that last pic is priceless!


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