Monday, October 4, 2010

It's About That Time

The changing of seasons always makes me want to change my hair. When spring comes, I always want to cut it off. When summer comes, I always want to go lighter with my highlights and have some fun as a blonde. But when fall comes, I know that any shred of a tan that I had left is going to be gone and that bright summer blonde hair is going to wash me out. I already tried going brunette last fall and I couldn't do it. I tried really hard to like it but it just wasn't happening for me. I am just a girl who should have been born a blonde but wasn't :)

But because I am not a natural blonde, I have to be very careful in the fall and winter. My roots get much darker and as my summer blonde hair grows out, I start to look a little trashy. I don't like that. And I also don't like having to go to the salon every 5 weeks just to keep it up. So I thought this year I would meet in the middle. I don't want to go totally brunette, but I am loving this new hair color on Ashley Greene and I think it is the perfect compromise...

The blonde just sort of frames her face and the rest of her hair is similar to what I think my natural color might be (I can't be sure has been a really long time since I have seen it :-)

Also, our hair is almost the same length and I am really digging her long layers. I might have to get me some of those too. Now if I could just grow these stupid bangs out...I would be set. If I EVER blog about wanting bangs again, someone please remind me how much I hate having bangs! I like them for the first day (when someone else styles them for me) and then I spend the next 6 weeks pulling them back in clips and braids because they annoy me. Anyone else do that? You the same thing to your hair over and over again even though you know you will end up hating it a week (or day) later??

Anyway, I have a looooooong awaited hair appointment Thursday and I just wanted to know what you all think about this new color. Are there any other celebrities rocking a similar color that I could look up for pictures? I like going to my appointments prepared :-)


  1. I hate bangs too...but with this forehead I think I'm stuck with them forever!!!! Ask Diana about the time she tried to clip mine back at the campground! Not pretty!

  2. Hey! I am getting my hairs done on Thursday too!

    I always go with low lights in the fall. But that beotch I call my best friend probably will just slap some crap on my hair and call me good for another six dang months. I think I hate her! HA!

    I like you with bangs. But just leave them longer and frame your face more if you hate them yet want them.

    Jan...keep the bangs. :)

  3. Your hair is always cute & put together... isn't it nice being able to be selective with what pics you post??? Hahaha! No really, your hair is cute! I dig you with lighter hair more, not that darker looks bad (there's no easy way to say this! Lol) but I think keeping some light will be good. What about that thing girls are doing where its much darker underneath? Is that too drastic? I agree with bangs being a PITA I have stick straight hair except for around my face (wtf?) so I straighten around my face and then 5 minutes later I break a sweat (brushing my teeth...) and my bangs stick to my head & get curly again!!!!! What's a girl to do? At leasy you can wear cute headbands and braids... not so much here!
    Wow! I just turned this all about ME! Ha! I hope you end up liking it & just in time for your bday!!!

    LOL @ Jan... sometimes bangs are neccesary! :)

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  5. I have promised my hubby never to do bangs, he hates them. I've done a long side bang now and then, he tolerates that. I really like the color in the pic, it's a nice with the brown but a few blonde highlights to brighten it up a bit. But you always look great.

    For me, I always come back to red, I'm still perfecting the color though. Every once in awhile I'm tempted to go chocolate brown or something but it just doesn't work for me.


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