Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just So You Know...

I've had a long day.

Addie and Blake are both getting over nasty colds and I am on sensory overload right now. I have literally had at least on creature attached to my body all day. At one point I was holding both kids while Howie tried to hump my leg. He does it when he feels he isn't getting enough attention. Awesome.

And when you have babies hanging off you all day, it makes it kind of hard to accomplish anything. I didn't shower. I didn't brush my hair. I didn't eat lunch. I can't remember if I even went to the bathroom. All I really did today was wipe noses, read books, cuddle on the couch, clean up a "poop incident" and watch the Disney Channel.

So now that my babies are in bed and feeling much better after their day of TLC, I am going to skip my paper grading, skip folding laundry, skip cleaning the kitchen, and skip creative blogging so I can go eat a piece of pumpkin pie on the couch with Eric. But with a little rest, I am hoping to be up and running tomorrow :-) Until then friends...


  1. See...now you finally get it! Just skip it! Yipeeee! It will all be there for you tomorrow and it will get done regardless. So kick back and relax! You deserve it!

  2. Sorry to hear that it was a long day with sick kiddies. No fun at all! But thrilled to hear that you left EVERYTHING until tomorrow. Di and I may corrupt you yet!!! Once you slack...you'll never go back@!!

  3. Boy, i'm glad that Eric and I don't have bad days.
    love ya anyway.

  4. Damn! Birthday weekends can't last forever???!!!

    Um, cracked up at Howie humping your leg!!! Awesome. Hope tomorrow is better! :)

  5. UGH! Sorry to hear the kiddies were sick. Hope you are hanging in there and enjoy your time with your hubby! :)


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