Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Than A Bedspread

When we decided to move Addie into her big girl bed, my mom couldn't wait to make her a "small, simple quilt" for the foot of the bed. But if you know my mother, you know that her, my dad and my husband live by one motto...go big or go home. You don't do anything half-ass around here so I shouldn't have been surprised when my mom showed up with this beauty...

Isn't it gorgeous?!!!!!!!!! It is by no means small...or simple. Just look at all the individual pieces...

She used vintage style fabric and I LOVE how it coordinates with her bedroom. Addie loves that some of the pieces have animals on them so that she can name them all before bed EVERY night :-)

Doesn't the quilt look perfect in her room?

I'm happy I actually got a picture of her bed made because she loves playing in it all day. Just look...she could barely control herself while I took the picture...

If only she were this happy every time we put her to bed :-)

What I love most about this quilt is not that it matches Addie's room or looks cute on her bed (even though it does). What I love most is that Addie will have this quilt forever. It will be a quilt that she can sleep with every night, take to college, put in her first home, pass down to her own children, and so on. It is an heirloom that I know we will both cherish forever.

So mama...thank you SO MUCH for dedicating so much of your time and talent on this beautiful quilt. Addie and I appreciate it more than you know :-) We love you!

And if any of you quilters out there want to know the specific details of the quilt, I am certain my mom will be posting about very soon so be sure to check out her blog :-)


  1. That is exactly why I made it. I want her to think of her Nana every time she cuddles in it.

  2. So, that thing we've talked about regarding 'Go big, or go home!' Seems like you get that from your parents, huh? Bahahahahahaha! oh, sorry... inappropriate. :)

    Beautiful quilt, Jan. I have a quilt"ish" blanket that my grandma made for each of us grandkids. It isn't attractive, like... at all. However, I love it because she gave us each one for Christmas that year. :)

    Addison's room is so adorable. You guys need to make a trip to the PNW when it's time to decorate MY nursery. If only!!!

  3. So pretty! Her bed looks so cozy! :)

  4. It looks great in her room! Leave it to Jan to "Crank One Out!"

    And yes, they are for certain a wonderful keepsake!

  5. Jen and Jan- It's beautiful! Jen you are so lucky to have such a talented Mom who loves to give of herself! The room is so cute, and the bedding is perfect in there.


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