Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Goals...

My bloggy friend Rachel has been posting a list of her monthly goals and I have to has been really fun reading them and seeing what she has accomplished! I'm a pretty goal oriented person (who also loves to make lists) so I thought I would "borrow" Rachel's idea and give it a try this month!! At first my list was pretty small, but the longer I sat here my list jumped from 3 goals to 10. Ha! Too bad October isn't 50 days long :-)

October Goals:

* Finish the kid's playroom and post pictures of the finished product
* Finish writing thank yous for my FABULOUS surprise "girl's night" birthday party (this is more my goal for tomorrow :-)
* Cook 6 nights a week, even if some of those nights are leftovers.
* Try three new fall inspired recipes and blog about them
* Make some of my own Stage 3 foods for Blake
* Begin working on Blake's first year scrapbook
* Run 46 miles over the course of the month
* Get my annual blog sale up and running
* Celebrate my 30th birthday without saying the word "old"
* Do one extra fun thing with the kiddies each week. We have the pumpkin farm and the zoo already on our calendar :-)

It is already October 3, so I have a lot of work to do! Thanks for this fun idea Rachel! Anyone else have any fun goals for the month of October?


  1. OLD?! You're OLD?! Stop it. 30 is the new 20, my friend. Embrace it. I love this idea, too but wait until my 39 year OLD self has a birthday, and then I will set my goals! You've got a great list going; can't wait to see what you accomplish.

  2. If I make a list of goals and don't accomplish them does that make me a failure? Cuz I don't need further confirmation of how lax this OLD gal can be. ps...I don't even cook 6 nights a week!

    And Chelle, judging from your photo, you can't possibly be 39! No way! Secrets PLEASE!

  3. Fabulous goals! :) No matter how large the list of goals, at least we are setting them for ourselves, right? :)

    And like Chelle said, 30 IS the new 20!

    And I cannot WAIT until your blog sale! :)

    Also, I'd love to send you over a little something for your birthday (October birthday girls have to stick together ;) Would you be ablet to email me over your mailing address?

  4. Chelle - For reals...if I can look like you at 39, then I will just sit back and role with this next decade :-) And P.S. I think I heard 40 is the new 20 :-)

    Diana - Oh come know you cook 6 meals a week! You are Martha Stewart!! And even if you didn't cook 6 meals, at least the 4 or 5 you do cook are made from scratch. Remember...I count my Old El Paso Taco kit as a "cooked meal". Hahaha!

    Rachel - Hey there fellow birthday girl!! I would love to do a birthday swap :-) I will e-mail you in a bit. Also, you know I will give you a sneak peak at the blog sale :-)

  5. Good luck Jen!!! You are going to do great!!! Can't wait to hear all about goal for the month...convince my professors to let me go to Ireland...I will know by Friday what the deal is!!!


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