Sunday, October 24, 2010

Six Ways to Soothe the Sickies

My poor babies have had it rough lately. They are both fighting colds that have turned into infections and they are just miserable.

Addie woke up with a temp of 103 the other night and we had to take her to the pediatrician. The doc said she could hear some congestion in her lungs and in order to nip it before it turned into something more serious, they gave her an antibiotic. I am not a big fan of antibiotics, but I certainly don't want to be spending Halloween in the hospital with Pneumonia either. So drugs it is.

Mr. Blake, on the other hand, seemed to be on the mend. His runny nose was starting to go away and he was coughing a lot less. But, a few hours after I got home from the doc with Addie, Blake came down with a slight temp too. And then this morning, the poor little guy's cold had moved to his eyes. He has a lot of discharge and is rubbing them like a crazy man. I have been doing my best to put a warm cloth on them whenever they start to get yucky, but he HATES having his face cleaned so I am trying to only do it when necessary. Poor little bugger. Looks like it's a sinus infection which means that antibiotics may be in his future too.

But while the meds do their work, my kiddies need some serious soothing. Here are some of the ways my peanuts like to be soothed when they are sickie...

1.) Warm Baths

I can't get the kids out of the bathtub on a normal day but when they are sick, a warm bath is the one place they both want to be. I sometimes add a little Vapor Bath too and this seems to help clear their noses a bit. This would actually be a perfect time for some eucalyptus essential oil!

2.) Vapor Rub

After bath time, I always like to rub just a little vapor rub on their chest before putting on their pajamas. Putting on clothes right after is key because we learned the hard way what it is like to touch the vapor ointment and then rub your eye. Ouchies.

3.) Vaporizer

I know this may seem like vapor overkill, but running a vaporizer in the kids room at night makes a HUGE difference. I am hoping that running it tonight will help with Blake's poor eyes to keep the mucus moist instead of crusting over.

4.) Lots of Fluids

Because it is important to drink lots of fluids when you are sick, I make sure that both kids have drinks on hand at all times. Blake still nurses but he has been taking water from a sippy cup which he seems to like, especially if it is ice cold. Addie likes water too, but when I really want her to increase fluids, I give her apple juice. I just read online that you can warm the apple juice and mix in some lemon and honey to help ease a sore throat. That almost sounds good enough for me to drink!

5.) Chickey Soup

This is an oldie but a goodie. Everyone knows that chicken soup (especially if it is really salty :-) works like a charm. Addison has always been a big fan of chickey soup but as it turns out, so is Blake! I think I need to make another big batch tomorrow.

6.) Popsicles

If there is one cold "remedy" that my kids never fight's popsicles. I know both kids have enjoyed eating these while they are sick because they are cold and ease their sore, scratchy throats. Extra Vitamin C is always a good thing too, so I don't feel as guilty giving them more than one (or 3) in a day :-)

So what do you all do to soothe your cold symptoms? Any special things that you, your kids or your grandkids enjoy when they are sick?


  1. Jen- I'm sorry the kids are feeling ill! When Z is down and out we do quite a bit of snuggling on the couch while we watch tv...all his favorites of course. Sometimes if he has a fever, I will make him a milkshake. I know ice cream always makes me feel better!

  2. Poor kiddos! Hope they get to feeling better soon! xo

  3. Blake is your husband. The end. :)

    I didn't know they had that vicks for children! I need some. Coop seems to get this cough stuff that last a week, get better a few days, then gets it again. Ahhhh, fall.

    Hope your kiddos get to feeling better soon!

  4. Oh man! I hope the kiddies feel better by now! I don't get sick very often... but when I do I just like my warm bed, some good tv, cold water and some very salty soup! I always crave Top Ramen when I'm sick. Oh, and when I'm really sick??? All I want is my mom!!! Hahaha!

  5. Hi :)
    I stumbled across your blog today and love reading it. I thought I would pass on some advice my doctor told me...put vicks on the kids' feet and then put socks on. I know it doesn't seem like it would work as well but I have been doing it for years and it works for us wonderfully.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog :)

    You can check out my blog at :)


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