Monday, October 25, 2010

Storms, Skinny Jeans and a HUGE Success

Have you heard the news? Apparently Chicago is literally going to blow away tomorrow. The news channels have been blowing up with headlines like "Hurricane force winds blow through Chicago" and "Epic storm conditions for the Midwest". There is no question about it...a storm is definitely brewing. The storms haven't even officially "blown up" yet and look at the radar...

Not pretty. I don't mind a storm, especially one that happens at night. Listening to rain helps me sleep. But whenever there is a chance of super severe weather, I start to freak a little. I will be sleeping with my TV on tonight so I can hear that annoying emergency broadcast if need be. Although, I am sure Blake will have me up before then anyway :-)

In other news, which is completely unrelated to weather, I am on the hunt for a new pair (or two) of skinny jeans. Now I need to be specific...I can't do true skinny jeans. My calves are too big. Or is it my thighs? Maybe it's both...I don't know. But true skinny jeans just don't look right on me. Luckily, I discovered GAP's True Straight jean and I LOVE them!! They are skinny enough to tuck into boots and wear with flats, but they don't look like leggings when they are on. Problem is...Gap only has two washes. I own them both but alternating my two pairs of jeans every day is getting kind of old. So I am looking for just one or two new cute pairs to add to my rotation. I just came across these LOFT Slim Leg Jeans and they look like they might be the ticket!

Does anyone own a pair of skinny-but-not-too-skinny jeans that they love? I would love to try some different brands. Thanks in advance for the help, fashion gurus :-)

And finally, my big update that has nothing to do with weather or skinny jeans...

ADDIE MADE IT THROUGH HER ENTIRE BALLET CLASS!!! I am just so happy to be typing this right now. Addie went into her ballet class all by herself with NO CRYING today and I just couldn't be prouder of my peanut. She did have one short moment where she whined for me and told the teacher she had to go potty (which is her defense mechanism) but once I took her out and gave her another quick pep talk, she went right back into class and finished the last 15 minutes. At the end of class, she came running out so excited and asked if we could go get "Nuggies and Ice cream" like I promised. I could I say no to this cute little face...

This week, I have literally talked Addie TO DEATH about dance class, being a big girl, going in alone, getting a big reward if she made it through, etc. and I think it really helped today. Now next week, we are going to shoot for staying in class the whole time without a "potty break". But matter what...she made a HUGE step today and I am so proud :-)

Well that's all for this random post tonight! Hope all you Midwesterners don't blow away tomorrow! Stay safe!


  1. We have hit the stormy phase of fall too... We were lucky and got really gorgeous weather for the first three weeks of October but it has been pouring in true PNW fashion here this weekend!!!

    No advice on the Skinnies... but you already knew that! ;)

    Goooo Addie!!! All of that jibber jabbering sure did help her!

  2. Yeah! Big girl wins!!! That's awesome that she made it thru!

    Have you done the Levi's Curve ID? It's pretty cool. Apparently and according to it, I can't do skinny jeans either. HA! Imagine that!

  3. I am not the skinny jeans type but totally love the Gap always skinnies!

  4. Yay for Addie! :)

    So I fly out to North Carolina today to meet a customer from Chicago... and OMG they are having a heck of a time getting out of there cause of the weather! Craziness! Stay safe! xo

  5. Ya Addie! Good on you as well momma for being so strong and sticking with all through the good and trying times.

    As for Jeans I don't know if you have one near you but Warehouse 1 has amazing fitted jeans that last and are just perfect. plus price efficiant!

  6. Jen,
    I may be a little partial to the LOFT (haha), but you should definitely try the denim from there. It is being made differently the last few seasons, so they fit AWESOME!


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