Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blake is 11 Months Old!!!!

I just realized that the next time I post Blake's monthly update, he will be ONE YEAR OLD!! Isn't that insane? How can this little guy already be so old?!!

The last month I was pregnant with Blake, all I could dream about was this Christmas. I would have both of my babies here, healthy, and ready to celebrate our first Christmas together as a family. I pictured him crawling around, playing with the ornaments on the Christmas tree, watching The Grinch with his big sister, etc. And then this week, I saw my dream come true.

I had Charlie Brown Christmas on for Addie and Blake crawled up and sat next to her. He was playing with a bell ornament he pulled off the tree (I only have safe ornaments at the bottom :-) He was ringing the little bell and Addie was laughing at him. Then she told him to be quiet because Charlie Brown was on. And he listened. They both just sat there watching Charlie Brown with our Christmas tree lit up in the background. It was a perfect picture moment...but I didn't even get up to get my camera. I just wanted to watch my babies in this moment. I might have cried a little...

I love that Blake and Addie are buddies. I love that she takes care of him and watches out for him, and I love that he can't wait to see her every morning. I know this won't always be the case. I know there are plenty of sibling fights in our future. But for the time being, I am lucky that my babies love each other and want to be around one another. If only I could bottle this love and keep it for them when they are teenagers. Ha! little Blake is another month older, and another pound heavier. 21 pounds to be exact. He still dislikes sleep and wakes up 1-2 times a night. But that is MY fault...not his. I enable it because I know that (a) he will go back to sleep once I nurse him and then I can get back to bed and (2) the faster I go to him, the less likely it is that he will wake his sister. I should have nipped this problem a looooooong time ago but I didn't. Coulda woulda they say :-) So now that the weening process has begun, I am hoping that once he is done nursing at his first birthday, we can start a little sleep training and get this bugger sleeping the night. Here's hoping right!!

In addition to sleep, Blake also dislikes eating these days. He is just too busy to stop and eat a meal. He likes eating on the run. He will stand at the kiddie table in our kitchen and eat a whole bowl of apple chunks. But he won't eat them sitting in his high chair. He will eat an entire container of YoBaby yogurt AND a cheese stick if I am holding him on my hip. But he won't eat it in his high chair. The boy just wants to move and groove. I wish I could shy away from a meal like that. Hahaha!

And speaking of moving and grooving...Blake is SO ready to take his first step...but just hasn't done it yet. He pulls himself up on anything and everything and he will stand unassisted. But just when it looks like he is about to take a step...he reevaluates the situation and drops to his knees because he knows he can crawl faster. And boy does that kids crawl FAST. You can't blink an eye these days without finding him in another room. This makes me nervous for the day he starts walking because there will be no stopping him. So take your time Blakey boy...mommy is in NO rush for walking :-)

And finally, I am happy to report that Blake is finally saying his first words!! He has been saying "da da da" for a while but I finally heard him say "ma ma ma" the other day!! He also says "hi" (although it comes out more like "hi-ya") and waves. It's pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. For the most part, Blake is the happiest, friendliest baby and loves everyone except Santa. But hopefully he will learn to love him as time goes on :-)

Well that's all I have for my little peanut this month! A month from today we will be celebrating his first birthday and with that will come a very special post. But in the mean time I have a lot of work to do on this snowman party. Can't wait to show you guys all the great things I am pulling together. It's going to be so much fun!!!


  1. Wow, 11 months already!! Time flew by this year.

    PS LOVE your Xmas layout!

  2. I just LOVE that face on that boy!

  3. The beginning of this post made me cry! SO sweet!!

  4. Baby contest...I'm telling you!

    If you don't, I may have to.

  5. He is so adorable, Jen!! How sweet that him & Addie have such a close-cute relationship! Love it =) I can't believe he's almost one!


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