Friday, November 5, 2010

Eco-Friendly Friday: Cloth Diapers and Other Reusables for Mom & Baby

I have to be honest...I was always very reluctant to write this post because I am not a cloth diaper user. I KNOW!!! You probably want to strip me of my title right now, but let me at least explain my reasoning.

For starters, I didn't know much about reusable diapers when I had Addie. NO ONE I knew used them and I had never even seen them in stores. But over the past year or so, I have been noticing cloth diapers in every baby store I walk into. They are making a HUGE comeback and I can see why. They are way more convenient than you think.

I think convenience was my biggest issue with cloth diapers. I couldn't figure out how I would ever change my baby on the go, how I would clean and wash all those diapers every day, how I could afford to buy new cloth diapers every time the baby grew a size, etc. There were a lot of cons on my list so I never opted to try them. I just bought my Pampers and went on my merry way.

But now that I have spent the last year trying my hardest to go green, I thought it was important to at least look into cloth diapers to see if I would be willing to give them a try. And now that is selling FuzziBunz Reusable diapers, I think I may just have to :-)

As I said above, reusable diapers are WAY more convenient than you might think. For starters, FuzziBunz diapers are one-size-fits-all which means you only have to stock up once! And with all these great colors to chose from...your stock doesn't have to be boring :-)

Instead of just strapping on a reusable diaper that needs to be washed after every use, FuzziBunz uses reusable diaper inserts like these...

You just stick the insert into the handy pouch inside the diaper and when it is wet, you just take the insert out and put a new one in!! How easy is that?

FuzziBunz also makes this super convenient diaper pail that you can hang by your changing table. Just throw all your used diaper inserts and diapers in the pail and then take them to the washing machine when it is full!!

And when you are on the go, you can take along these small zipper diaper totes to store your dirty diapers until you get home...

It doesn't take a genius to know that TONS of disposable diapers are making their way into our landfills each year. 18 BILLION disposable diapers to be exact. Can you imagine the impact that parents could make if they switched to reusable diapers even half the time??

And while we are at it, why not switch to reusable wipes too? FuzziBunz also makes these great organic cotton and fleece reusable wipes...

I know that convenience becomes an issue with reusable wipes too. The idea of having to wet them under warm water, run them back to the nursery, change your baby's diaper, realize you need another wet wipe, pick the baby back up, run to the bathroom, wet another one, run back to the nursery, and so on is exhausting. But if there was a convenient way to keep your reusable wipes warm and moist on your baby's changing table, would you be sold? GOOD! Because here is the solution...

Prince Lionheart makes this fabulous reusable wipes warmer at a fabulous price. This warmer also works with disposable wipes (you know...just in case you can't get the laundry done fast enough :-)

I really had NO idea how easy and convenient it is to use reusable diapers these days. I can't say I am ready to make the full switch to cloth diapers with Blake, but I have decided to at least give them a try. Even if I could cut down on my use of disposable diapers, I would be making a huge difference. Anyone else interested in giving them a try? I plan to do a review once we have had a chance to give them a test run.

Now, there is one other fabulous reusable that I HAVE tried and I recommend to all nursing mamas out there. They are the FuzziBunz reusable nursing pads and they are awesome!!! I nursed Addie for a year and I plan on nursing Blake just as long, so you can imagine the number of disposable nursing pads I went through in the beginning. The FuzziBunz pads hold up great, even after countless washings. They were also a lot more sensitive on my skin, which was a MUST!!

So...all you cloth-diapering-mamas out there...what brands do you like? What tips do you have for moms wanting to convert to reusable diapers? Have you noticed a huge change in your finances? Is it true that your kids get less diaper rash and irritated skin? I would love any and all cloth diapering advice you have to share :-)

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. Great post Jen! And yep--CDing is easy.

    In case anyone reading your post is considering FB's, I just wanted to point out that when you're using pocket diapers (like the FB's you've posted about), you do wash the 'whole' diaper with each change. Because moisture/poo comes into contact with the fleece lining inside the diaper, it's important to change that part too so baby's bum stays clean and dry.

    However! there ARE systems out there that work as you described. The most popular is the Flip! systen, made by Cotton Babies. ( You only replace the soaker pad, unless the cover becomes soiled :)

    Favorite brands? FuzziBunz, BumGenius, Flip... that's a good place to start :)

  2. okay I don't have kids or anything but I have read articles etc. on cloth and I really think when I have my own kids I do want to use cloth :)

  3. Thanks for the help Christina! I should have just addressed you personally in the post because I know you have become quite the CD expert with Camden :-) These are all such helpful tips!!!! Maybe I will have you guest post another Eco-Friendly Friday and give more diapering tips to those looking to make the switch :-)

  4. I debated posting, lol! Didn't want to make a big to-do over nothing... but aaanyway! Yes, I'm a CD junkie. It's fun! I swear!


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