Friday, November 19, 2010

Eco-Friendly Friday: A Green Christmas

I am just going to admit it. I LOVE wrapping paper. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing a bunch of beautifully wrapped presents sitting under a Christmas tree. But at the same time, nothing brings me more disgust than seeing the piles of wasted paper laying all over the living room when Christmas is over. When you think about it, wrapping paper really is such a waste. After all, it is about the gift inside isn't it?

So if we can put aside our love of wrapping paper this Christmas and try to find alternatives (even if it is only for a few presents) we could save a TON of waste. And with so many fun and creative GREEN alternatives this year...our presents can still be just as beautiful.

Or their Santa style bags...

Reuseable gift bags like these are fantastic because they come in a bunch of different sizes and they can fit all sorts of odd-shaped gifts. And of course, you can always spice them up with a cute ribbon or bow :-) Buying everyday reusable bags is also a great option, especially since they can be used long after Christmas is over. actually has a fantastic instructional video on how to wrap gifts using reuseable gift bags and shopping bags.

But if you don't have the patience or desire to use bags, another great option (that I am personally a HUGE fan of) is giving gifts unwrapped in a cute basket. We all know how I feel about these great baskets...

But if you are not looking to spend that much on the basket part of your gift, look for some great market baskets like these...

You can find market baskets like these all over the place (I have seen them at Michael's, The Container Store, Pier 1, my local grocery store, etc.) and they always reasonably priced ($1.99-4.99). Even if people don't have a need for a market basket in their home, they can always keep the basket and reuse it for a gift of their own next year!!

And finally, if you just can't resist the urge to use wrapping paper and gift bags, try to find some recycled products like these from The Gift Wrap Company...

The Container Store carries almost the entire line of these bags, boxes and gift wrap and you can find them online now.

So you see...we don't have to be wasteful this holiday season. There are a lot of other great alternatives out there, as long as we are willing to be a little creative. Please feel free to leave a comment with all of your other eco-friendly giftwrap ideas on this post and who knows...maybe Santa will pick a winner next week for a special surprise :-)

Happy Friday!!


  1. I have a friend who did this a few years ago with reusable bags and I have been wanting to give this a try ever since. I even have a sewing machine now and could make my own!

  2. Ooh, I would be very happy to see a Reisenthal basket under the tree this year! :)

  3. Great post! I like the reusable wrapping, but love the basket idea... I may have to give the hubby a hint. ;)

  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reusable gift bags...I have been using them for several years and have even gotten some back (with gifts for me inside!) I, too, love new wrapping paper, but it seemed so senseless...unless you were my grandma, who would painstakingly peel the tape off her gifts and fold (sometimes even iron!) the paper for reuse. No way can/will I do that, so the cloth bags..and yes, baskets, boxes too work great, can be equally or more festive and help our environment ♥

  5. I love, they have some of the neatest gifts and ideas. I always feel bad about all the waste, especially when our garbage is too full to close. These are a great alternative!

  6. Great ideas! I love giving my girlfriends gifts in a cute little purse instead of a bag or wrapping paper. I like making the wrapping a part of the gift.

  7. I keep my eyes open for after Christmas sales on Holiday themed fabric. Then, it's easy to make simple bags or serge the edges for fabric wrapping "paper." But, if you ask my kids, they'll giggle and tell you of the year that I couldn't find the darn things (we were just about to move from Wisconsin to Michigan and chaos reigned supreme) and "wrapped" all their presents in the ACME workhorse bags that were right there in my purse ;)

  8. Ugh. This is a big issue for me... Of all things "green" the wrapping paper has definitely been a hard obstacle for me to get over. How stupid does that sound? I like a certain type of paper, a certain color scheme, home made big bows... the whole she-bang.
    You have given some great examples though, the baskets are cute and the bags are cute, but I just can't get over it. BAH! I must say, I do reuse ribbons/bows as much as possible (yes, I am that person going through the present aftermath!) and I also reuse gift bags like crazy. I have a stack from our wedding that I have been able to reuse several times.

    So, I'm trying. I just am having a hard time. HA! Is that dramatic enough!? LOL!

  9. what a great idea!! I think multi purposing wrapping is such a good idea!! I love the reisenthal baskets!

  10. Those bags are genius! Love them :)

  11. Great ideas! I also love to find cute dish towels and wrap gifts in those - it works great for anything cooking/food themed - cookbooks, jams/mixes, a special tin of tea or bag of coffee, candles, etc. Makes a great hostess gift too!


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