Friday, November 12, 2010

Feeling Better Friday

I am very happy to report that this little peanut is feeling SO MUCH BETTER today...

His sinuses are clear, his fever is gone, and his rash is already fading. Oh...did I forget to mention the rash? it turns out...BOTH doctors were right this week. Blake had a sinus infection AND Roseola. The stuffy nose and infected eyes were the sinus infection and the fever (that was followed by a rash) was Roseola. After I had my 57th conversation with my pediatrician yesterday, he assured me that this is totally normal and that kids can have multiple illnesses at one time. Nice. So that is why my poor little guy was so out of sorts. He was fighting two things at once :-( But as you can see...he is on the mend and feeling great.

This was actually the first day in a LONG time that both kids were happy and healthy. So we did the one thing I knew would bring joy to us all...we started setting up for Christmas!!!! WLIT in Chicago has switched to all Christmas music today and whenever this happens...I know it is officially time to start decorating. So we did. We started with Addie's tree this morning...

She really got a kick out of all her ornaments. I guess she was just too young to really notice them the last two years...

She insisted on hanging each one herself...

But for a first-timer...I think she did a great job!

So with one tree down, we decided to take a break and head out to enjoy this BEAUTIFUL weather. It has been in the 70s all week which is SO unheard of for November. We haven't really had the chance to enjoy it with Blake sick, so Addie lit up like a Christmas tree when I told her she could go out on her scooter...

Blake came along for the ride too. He was loving riding in his car...

Both of my babies are now down for a nap at the SAME TIME!!!! It has been such a wonderful start to the weekend, I might celebrate with a glass of wine or some Halloween candy...or both. Ha! I hope you all have a FABULOUS Friday!! And thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers for Blakeroo. They definitely worked :-)


  1. Yeah! Glad he is finally feeling better! A little fresh air is always good too!

    Hey, thanks for the tip WLIT is playin' our tunes!!! :)

    Our stuff is going up when we get back from our little trip...

  2. We are having that same crazy weather! And so glad your little man is feeling better! :)

  3. Woo hoo! So glad Blake's feeling better and you're enjoying this wonderful weather!

  4. aww too precious!! I cannot wait to set up for Christmas! I have not found a local radio station with Christmas music but I have had them on my ipod :)

  5. Jen- I love the pick Christmas tree in Addie's room. Such a cute idea, letting the kids have their own tree, how neat! I am also so glad to hear that Blake is feeling better. I know how trying it can be when the LO's are sick forever. Matt has been in such good spirits this week, and I am finally sleeping the night again!

  6. so, so glad he's feeling better!! what a double whammy!

    ahhh, i need to get out my christmas stuff!!

  7. I can not wait to set up for Christmas! I have not found a local radio station with songs of Christmas, but I've had on my iPod


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