Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Miss This Happy Little Face...

Poor Blake :-( We are on week 3 and antibiotic #2 of this AWFUL sinus infection. This poor little guy has been through a lot the past few weeks. We started with a normal cold that turned into conjunctivitis and a sinus infection. 10 days on Amoxicillin was enough to make him improve, but not enough to kick the infection. So once the medicine was done, Blake's watery eyes, congestion and fever were back :-(

We took him to the pediatrician this week and the doc thinks that he may have just caught another virus. They said this to me two weeks ago when Blake's cold turned into something more. I suppose it is possible for a baby that crawls on the floor all day and sticks anything and EVERYTHING in his mouth to contract 3 viruses in 3 weeks. But in my own home? With the SAME EXACT SYMPTOMS each time? When I asked if it was possible that he just wasn't on the right antibiotic or just not on it long enough, the doc sort of looked at me like that crazy mom. He just kept telling me that he looked healthy otherwise and I should just "ride it out".

Now, I am all for riding it out. I don't like giving my kiddies meds, especially if they don't really need them. But this little bugger is sick, and more importantly, he is MISERABLE!!! He can't breath well through his nose which makes sleeping and eating the two least fun things in the world. He is cranky, stuffy, hot, and totally stir crazy. I can't blame him. I feel the same way!

So in a desperate attempt at making my baby feel better, I saw another doctor. This doctor took one look at him and said, "Poor guy. Looks like he's got a pretty nasty sinus infection", to which I said, "He was already on an antibiotic for it but it didn't kick it". He smiled when he saw the frustration in my eyes, and then reassured me that sometimes kids need to try something different if the first one doesn't work.

So we are on new meds and I am PRAYING that this brings my little guy some relief. Humidifiers, bulb syringe, vapo rub, steam baths and extra cuddles are all wonderful, natural ways to sooth the sickies. But damn it...sometimes you just need more. Thank you modern medicine :-)

I apologize for being sort of absent this week friends. I just want and need to give my time to Blake. But hopefully in another 24 hours, he will be back to the smiley, happy baby I love so much. Keep him in your thoughts if you can :-) Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Poor little guy. Good for you for taking him to another doctor. Hopefully he turns around soon. I'll be praying for him...and mommy!

  2. How can you not miss that little face :( ?

    He has been sick too long and you can see it in his poor little eyes yet.

    Hope the new med kicks in... xoxo

  3. This is the smiley little Beek I want back! Enough is enough! Poor baby! I'm hoping this latest med works for our little peanut!


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