Monday, November 15, 2010

My Happy Ballerina

Today was Addie's 10th ballet class. When she woke up this morning, I asked her what day it was. She said, "MONDAY!" and then I asked her what we do on Mondays and she said, "GO TO DANCE CLASS!!!"

She hopped off her bed, grabbed her leotard off her dresser and ran to the front door. She told me to hurry because we were going to miss class. I told her that dance class wasn't for a few more hours and she cried. Like...seriously cried because she wanted to leave NOW! Was this the same girl that clung to my leg screaming 5 weeks ago? Was this the same girl that begged me not to leave her in the room? I couldn't believe it.

Now, this whole change of heart didn't happen over night. It's taken some patience and tough love, but for the past 3 weeks now, she has walked herself in, stayed the whole class, listened and participated, and came out a happy little ballerina. She has just grown so much in the past month and I couldn't be prouder of her.

I put a down payment on her first recital costume today and I get tears in my eyes thinking about her cute, sassy little butt up on stage. I am just so happy we made it through this difficult transition and I am THRILLED that Addie loves her class.

Now, speaking of sassy, check out my little dancer before class today...

As a treat for being such a big girl in dance class, my mom knitted Addie a pair of leg warmers. Are these not the CUTEST leg warmers you have ever seen?

Addie wants to wear them all the time now, which I know makes my mom very happy :-) And now that we plan to stay in ballet, I am sure Nana has already started on a second pair. Ha! We are so spoiled :-)

Well that's all for today friends! I just wanted to update you on Addie's progress in class, especially since so many of you showed genuine concern. That means a lot to me and I appreciate all the advice and encouragement more than you know :-) Until next time!!!


  1. Never thought I'd see the day leg warmers would be "in" again! She makes them look cuter though!

  2. She's too cute and I'm glad she's loving class! Can't wait until Carolines a little ballerina :)

  3. She is SO cute! and she's starting to look more and more like you!


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