Monday, November 1, 2010

November Goals's already time to set my monthly goals again!!!! Where did October go? I am seriously so happy that my bloggy friend Rachel inspired me to post about my monthly goals because having this list online was very motivating. I can't say I reached all of my goals, but I definitely made a serious effort. I had a few things working against me (like my kids being sick 3 out of 4 weeks, Eric being gone on a hunting trip, and the weather not being ideal) but in the end, it was a VERY productive month. Let's recap October's goals shall we?

* Finish the kid's playroom and post pictures of the finished product: Check! I am giving myself a check for this one because the playroom is totally done!! The only reason I haven't posted pictures is because I am waiting on my mom to finish the curtain. She is in high demand right now and my curtain is by no means a priority. I don't need even need it to take pictures, but I like a finished project. So you will all just have to wait a little longer. But least it is done! And P.S. it is SUPER cute :-)
* Finish writing thank yous for my FABULOUS surprise "girl's night" birthday party (this is more my goal for tomorrow :-) Check! This was a done deal before my other post was even published.
* Cook 6 nights a week, even if some of those nights are leftovers. Check! I honestly can't believe I made this happen. They weren't all creative meals (some were taco kits, pasta in a bag, etc.) but we didn't eat out more than once a week and that was a BIG deal for me. Seriously. I hate to say this...but I actually enjoyed it! The key was planning my menu for the whole month and actually putting it on the calendar. Once I told Eric I was making pot roast, I couldn't take it back. Ha!
* Try three new fall inspired recipes and blog about them: Check! I posted several recipes, but I tried even more! Some didn't turn out as great as I hoped, so I didn't post about them. It was still fun giving them a try though.
* Make some of my own Stage 3 foods for Blake: Minus :( I didn't make any Stage 3 foods for Blake. I am sort of mad for not taking the time to do this when apples and so many other foods were in season, but time just got away from me. Plus, he has been moving on to bigger and better foods this month so it may not have even been worth my time. At least that is what I am telling myself :-)
* Begin working on Blake's first year scrapbook: Check! I may not have started on the actual book, but I did select pictures and sent them to be printed.'s a start!
* Run 46 miles over the course of the month: Check/Minus! Although I did NOT run 46 miles this month, I am still very impressed with the 32 I did run considering my kids were sick and needy and Eric was out of town. Thank goodness for my treadmill or that number would have been MUCH lower :-)
* Get my annual blog sale up and running: Check/Minus. I did not get my blog sale up yet, but I have done almost ALL the leg work. The process of cleaning out closets, getting the clothes cleaned and pressed for pictures, taking the pictures, posting the pictures with details and prices, AND getting my packaging materials from the USPS takes a TON of time. So the fact that I almost accomplished all that is amazing. I sale will be up SOON!
* Celebrate my 30th birthday without saying the word "old": CHECK!!!!!!!!!!! I had the best 30th birthday ever. I don't know if I ever used the word "old", but I certainly didn't feel "old". I was spoiled beyond belief and spent my birthday with all my favorite people.
* Do one extra fun thing with the kiddies each week. We have the pumpkin farm and the zoo already on our calendar :-) CHECK!!!!!! Even though they were sick, we still managed to squeeze in the pumpkin patch, the park, the zoo AND trick-or-treating. It was a super fun month :-)

Now...on to NOVEMBER'S GOALS!!!

* Tie up loose ends from October (i.e. playroom pictures, blog sale and Blake's scrapbook).

* Run the Hot Chocolate 5K and beat my best time of 31 minutes and 16 seconds.

* Cook at least one meal from scratch each week. I'm talking main dish AND sides. No boxed potatoes or frozen/canned veggies. Di will be happy about this one :-)

* Complete at least 75% of my Christmas shopping

* Purchase and send out invites for Blake's first birthday party

* Road trip to see my BFF Tara and her beautiful new twin girls

* See Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

* Have at least one girls night. I don't care who it ends up being long as there is wine and good conversation.

* Read at least 2 non-school related books. I have two great running books from my birthday that are still not finished, and a series my SIL has been trying to get me to read for months. I have plenty of material to chose from.

* Try a new side dish for Thanksgiving dinner

* Start one new family Thanksgiving tradition

* Set up ALL of my Christmas decorations. I have skimped the last two years but I want to go ALL OUT! I'm talking Clark Griswold baby :-)

Whew...that is another HUGE freaking list. But it makes me excited for the month to come. Anyone else have any big goals for November?


  1. that is a really long list but I love your goals!

  2. Oh, we'll take care of that wine one!!! :)

  3. So great, Jen! I have been wanting to get back into blogging (and stick with it this time!) and a goal list is the perfect place to start. Goal 1# Blog :)

  4. You are so much better at this than I am. Maybe you should just make my goal list too!!

  5. I still can not WAIT for the blog sale... I mean as long as the Coach Closet was on the clean out list... :-D

  6. I cannot wait until your blog sale!! :) I think you're going to need to give me an email heads up so I know I can watch out for it and snatch everything up from you ;) ;) Haha! I'm so impressed by your "Make 6 meals a week" goal! I am adding that to my list this month (even though I already published mine) because I think I can do it. I HAVE to do it :)


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