Sunday, November 21, 2010

Two Happy Anniversaries

Two very special couples are celebrating their anniversary this month!

These happy newlyweds just celebrated their 1st anniversary on November 7th....

It's hard to believe that their wedding was already a year ago!!! I was huge and preggers and still danced my booty off. Megan and Ryan had the most beautiful November wedding day in history. It was warm enough to walk around in strapless dresses and the photographer got some of the most beautiful fall photos. It was such a wonderful day!

So to celebrate this milestone anniversary, the happy couple headed off to New York City. They did some sight seeing, took in a Broadway show, went for a stroll in central park and indulged in all kinds of yummy food. Now that is my kind of anniversary trip :-) I told them they were smart for traveling now because some day...when little kiddies are running all over their house...trips to NYC won't be as easy :-) I think they both had a fabulous time.

Happy First Anniversary Meg & Ry!!!!!

Another couple celebrating an anniversary this month is my brother Adam and my SIL Diana...

.Even though Adam and Di tied the knot 4 years ago, I remember the wedding like it was yesterday. It was a destination wedding over Thanksgiving weekend and it was SO MUCH FUN! There are a lot of great stories from that the infamous "ring incident"...but I'll let Di tell that story on her blog :-)

Adam and Diana just got back from their anniversary trip too! Their trip didn't involve Broadway shows or fancy restaurants. Theirs involved guns, camo, and some really cute boots :-) Diana and Adam went on their first deer hunting trip together and they had a BLAST!!!!! I am really looking forward to seeing all the pictures of Di in her camo :-)

Happy Anniversary Adam and Di!!!!

I gotta admit...I am a little jealous of all these great vacations. Well...I am not exactly jealous that I didn't get to spend 12 hours freezing in a blind watching for deer...but I am jealous of all the fun and alone time these couples had. It makes me want to plan something fun for our 5 year anniversary next year! But where should we go? Hmm...something to think about :-)


  1. Plan something! Papa and I will keep the kiddies. I would hope that Blake is no longer nursing then! :-)

  2. Great post to two great couples! It's hard to believe that all of my "babies" are married!!!

  3. Ohh... its in August so there are few places I'd like to vacation in August. Maybe a trip west? Of course, the PNW is amazing, but I mean maybe California? A long weekend in San Diego would be SO MUCH FUN. You would get the beach, sunshine and moderate weather in August. Tons of nightlife and fun places to eat... San Diego is really awesome. Maybe by late August New England would have decent weather? I've always wanted to go there too...

    The problem timing wise is that you're going to FL in November, right? So you probably won't want to delay an anniversary trip too much because then the trips will be too close together. But, the timing problem that Brandon and I run into is that there aren't any fun tropical places that I would pay to go to in the summer. But, that's just me... maybe. I don't do tropical storms, humidity and super hot temperatures!!! HA! So, we just end up doing something fun around here and then taking our vacation in the winter.

    Hey, whatever it is or wherever you go... as long as Mamacita will watch the chillins for a night... it'll seem like a great vacation!!! HA!

  4. Thanks sis!

    If you have a built in sitter, it doesn't matter where you go...just GO!

  5. That first picture is gorgeous...a perfect fall wedding!


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