Thursday, November 11, 2010

Two Little Peanuts Turn ONE!!!!

One year ago today, my cousin Krissy became the mommy of TWO beautiful babies...Presley and Evie.

I remember the day I brought these tiny little outfits over to her house. I thought they wouldn't fit in them for at least a month or two because twins are usually so teeny. But not these two. Presley was a healthy 8 pounds and his sis was right behind him at 6 pounds. And my cousin Kris carried all 14 pounds of them full-term. Bless her heart :-)

And a year later, Presley and Evie are just as cute as the first time I saw them...

If you follow my cousin's blog, you know that these two little peanuts have the cutest personalities. Presley especially...he is such a giggler...

It is incredible how fast this year has gone. I remember being so excited to meet the twins because it meant that Blake's arrival was just around the corner. And now our babies are all grown up!! Tear...

So today, I would just like to wish Presley and Evie a very HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! We can't wait to celebrate with you this weekend!! And Kris...congrats on making it through the twin's first year. I know it wasn't easy, but you handled it like a champ and I am so proud of you. Nice work mama :-)

And speaking of people who work incredibly hard....I just want to wish all the soldiers out there a very Happy Veterans Day. My SIL Diana wrote a beautiful post today and I encourage everyone to hop on over to her blog and read it.


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