Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What's On Martha's Calendar This Month?

It's no secret that I love Martha Stewart. So...you can imagine how excited I get each month when this arrives...

The holiday issues are my favorite because they are always filled with lots of fun recipes and crafts. But my FAVORITE thing to look at in each issue (as you already know) is Martha's Calendar.

Martha is a busy lady this month. When she isn't flying to Manitoba to witness the annual polar bear migration or launching her first digital issue of Martha Stewart Living for the iPad...she will be jarring and labeling honey for holiday gifts and cleaning out her pantry. Like I said...busy lady.

I won't be making any trips to watch polar bears this month, but I do need to clean out my pantry and follow her lead on a few other maintenance items. Here is an example of Martha's November to-do list:

* Finish planting tulip bulbs and harvest the rest of her vegetables.
* Mound and wrap roses for winter
* Plug drafts with caulk or weather stripping
* Turn off outdoor water supply and drain all spigots and pipes
* Organize spice jars; replace spices past their prime
* replenish flour and sugar in preparation for holiday baking
* Clean out pantry and donate extra supplies to a food pantry for the holidays
* Have fireplace cleaned before first fire of the season
* Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
* Groom cats and dogs

Even if you don't plan to do these things...or lack the dog, cat, fireplace, garden or motivation to complete most of these tasks...it's still fun to look at her list right?

Tonight...just for the heck of it...I went through my spice cabinet. I found a jar that passed it's prime in 2008. Are you disgusted? Are you laughing? I dare everyone to go into their spice cabinet tonight and see how many expired jars you can find. I would love to know if my 2008 jar of tarragon is the oldest spice still living in a cabinet. Thanks for the reminder Martha! Call me!


  1. Spices don't expire like alot of other things if stored properly. They can lose their 'potency', if you will. I always trust my nose. My nose never lies to me. But if it is something you don't use, then you probably don't need it anyway...and wouldn't know if it still smells right either, huh? :)

  2. I wish I would have looked at this list before I did my November goals/dreams. Because I definitely would have added "Clean out the pantry" on mine! Desperately needed!

  3. Haha! I did read this last night and I was laughing at you (sorry!) and your obsession! I understand because I'm obsessed with Pioneer Woman... :) Martha rocks but honestly? She's a little stuck up for me. I mean, I think I just feel inferior b/c she acts like the world would end if we all didn't iron our bed linens! Ha! Martha hasn't found out that I don't... ;) all joking aside, what I do like about her is her focus on making things at home important because I think that is lost in the hustle & bustle of today's world!

    Well, I didn't mean to get so worked up about Martha! Ha! But I did look at some of my spices after reading this... most of mine don't have dates! Whaaat???

    Sitting in the airport!


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