Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blake is One Year Old!!!!!

I don't know what's more amazing...

The fact that I went from this...

to this...

to this...

In just 9 months, or the fact that Blake went from this...

to this...

to this...

In just 12 months.

It's scary how fast time goes sometimes. I am still in denial that today is Blake's first birthday. On one hand, I am so excited to be moving past the baby stage and into toddlerhood where he will play more, talk more and understand more. But at the same time, I am sad to be moving past the baby stage and wish that I could bottle some of these precious moments up so that I can relive them when Blake is a teenager and wants absolutely nothing to do with me. It's truly a bittersweet moment in my life.

To say that this year has gone by "fast" is an understatement, and yet I can't believe all that has happened in that time. I can still remember each moment like it was yesterday.

I can still remember the first time Blake really smiled. My brother Ryan was over taking pictures of Addie for her second birthday and Blake was in such a great mood...I asked Ryan to snap a few of him. We propped Blake up on my Boppy and as soon as Ryan said, "Smile"...Blake did. And we caught it on camera...

I can also still remember the day Blake laughed for the first time. We were taking a walk around the neighborhood and I made a silly little face, followed by one of my obnoxious silly voices and he just burst into laughter. I also got a video of this moment that I will treasure forever...

The giggling baby stage was a fun, easy stage for Blake. He was content just hanging out in his jumperoo, lounging in his stroller or chilling on me in his Baby Bjorn. But I knew that would only last so long. I knew that he would want to start exploring and when he sat up for the first time...I knew it was the beginning of his independence...

He started to crawl shortly after and he hasn't stopped moving since...

I thought for sure my little peanut would walk by his first birthday, especially since he was standing up at 9 months...

But that's just Blake for ya...he does things on his own time. We haven't taken our first unassisted steps yet...but I know it's coming. I am just going to enjoy these last few weeks (or days) while he takes his sweet time walking down the hallway with his shopping cart. Before I know it, him and Addie are BOTH going to be running all over and then I am really in for it :-)

Now...I don't know if you all know this...but Blake has a nickname. We call him "Beek" because when we first brought him home, that's how Addie pronounced his name. It was always Beek this and Beek that and I guess after all that joking the nickname just sort of stuck. My SIL Diana says she has a hard time calling him anything else. I am not sure if Blake will like the nickname or not when he is older...but that probably won't stop us from using it anyway :-)

Speaking of growing older, there are a few things about Blake at one year old that I hope NEVER change.

1.) I hope he stays a mama's boy. Not the whiney, hang-off-my-leg-crying type of mama's boy he has been lately, but the kind that loves me more than anyone else in the world and is always willing to hug and snuggle :-)

2.) That he will continue to take after his Daddy. He already looks like Eric's mini-me, but lately I have been noticing how he loves playing ball, is energetic, will sit and watch sports, and loves wearing hats. That is pretty much Eric in a nutshell :-)

3.) That he will always love his big sister. It blows my mind how much these two love each other. Addison just can't wait to run to Blake's room every morning and when Blake is crying, sometimes Addie is the only one that can make him stop. I know they won't always get along, but I sure hope they always love each other and watch out for one another like they do now :-)

4.) That he will always be playful and silly. I love that he is such a ham because that is exactly how I was when I was little. He loves making funny faces and pretending to be bashful. I just can't get enough of his toothy little grin :-)

6.) That he will always love the outdoors. We are definitely an outdoorsy family and I hope that he loves to camp, fish, hunt, swim, ride 4-wheelers, play sports, play in the snow, etc. I think there's a good chance he is already on his way...

6.) And finally...that he will always love to learn and explore. I know I am biased because I am his mother...but I will say it anyway. Blake is smart. I watch the things that he is already picking up on and the things that he can do and it blows my mind. He is great with his hands and I can only hope that he is as talented as his father and grandfathers.

My little man is one. ONE!! I just had to say it again to see if it would sink in. I guess it really won't sink in until I see him destroy is his birthday cake this weekend. But don't worry...we aren't going to make Blake sit around and wait until Saturday..

There's lots of celebrating to be had today so I suppose I should quit typing and get to it. But before I go, I just want to wish my sweet baby boy a very


Mommy, Daddy and Addison love you more than words can every say. We all wish you another happy, healthy year.


  1. Yeah!!! Happy Birthday to the sweetest little face and our Beekie Boy!

  2. How can you not love a smile like his.

  3. Happy Birthday Beek! Nana loves you!

  4. Beek may be the best nickname ever! Happy Happy Birthday to Blake!

  5. Happy 1st birthday Blake! Jen- What a sweet adorable little boy...he just seems so happy all of the time. What a sweetheart. Enjoy the day, and the party. Our babies 1st babies will be 3 soooo soon, and then before you know it Matt and Blake will be 2! What a crazy but blessed life we live!

  6. Happy Birthday Blake! Hope you had a great day! What a cutie he is Jenny.

  7. Happy Birthday Blakey boy! I can't believe an entire year has passed. Connor and I can't wait to see everyone this weekend!

  8. First of all those preggo pics made me think... I'm so sad that I will never log on to see new preggo pictures of Mama Jen. Truly, I will never forget when I first started following and I remember thinking "she's the cutest damned pregnant lady EVER!!!" I think it's all fine and wonderful that you are good and done, ha! But, I will miss that!

    Second of all, Blake IS the happiest go lucky baby I've ever met! I've met a LOT of babies!!! He is so content and chill! Such a sweetie pie.

    Lastly, he is SO lucky to have you as his Mama. He's one smart cookie and probably already knows that. All of your hard work this past year (and years to come!) is totally paying off in that sweet smile.

    I hope you had a stress free day with him today and that the party is awesome this weekend! Can't wait to see pictures!

  9. Happy birthday to your adorable little one! :)

  10. Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone!! Blakey boy was very spoiled with all the attention yesterday :-)

    Amy - It is INSANE to think that our second babies are 1, and that our first babies are going to be 3!!! AHHH!! And you are right...we are so very, very blessed :-)

    Chelsi - Thanks sweetie. That was a very sweet comment. I heart you :-) And don't worry...I will have PLENTY of pictures to share from the party. Wish you could he here!

  11. stumbled upon your blog...this post brought tears to my eyes! i loved the beginning with pregnancy pics to pics of your baby boy, and then the waterworks set in. it makes me think of MY boy who just turned 3. it goes by way too fast! happy birthday little Blake!


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