Wednesday, December 1, 2010


WHEW!!!! I can't begin to tell you how much darn work goes into a silly little blog sale! I decided to start doing blog sales when I realized that Ebay was robbing me blind with fees. But...I see now why so many people go to stores that list items online for them. The preparation of merchandise, the picture taking, the picture uploading, the price researching (yes...I research the prices I put for everything so that I am not over charging) and finally...the posting of the items takes a TON of time. But in the is worth it because I managed to clean out closets once again and I hope that my no-longer-needed treasures make some lucky readers very happy :-)

Now, before I send you over to the blog sale, let me just address a few things:

* Please note that I am not a professional photographer. I did my best to take nice pictures of the items I have listed, but sometimes the pictures just didn't do the items justice. So if you are interested in something but would like to see more pictures, feel free to email me and I will try to take more :-)

* Attention Purse Hounds: My mom and I did a pretty great job emptying our purse closets for last years blog sale so I am afraid there are very few bags listed this year (sorry Kate). We made a vow that once we sold all of our rarely used purses, we would only buy bags that we HAD to have. looks like we kept that vow because we can't bear to part with any of our other purses. However, I do have some Vera Bradley, as well as a GORGEOUS Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag for sale...

* And finally, be sure to check back often this week because I still have a few more items I need to list for some family and friends that wanted in on the action. I do believe there will be some more clothes, some baby/kid items, a Land of Nod crib bedding set (in mint condition), and some other goodies. So be sure to check back throughout the week. If you see something you want now but want to wait for me to ship the items until you see what the rest of the week has in store, I would be happy to do that. But make sure you e-mail me if you want something so that I can hold it for you!

* To make it easier to navigate the sale, I have clumped items into categories like sweaters, turtlenecks, pants & skirts, bags & accessories, etc. and you can find these categories listed on the right sidebar.

All of the instructions for the Blog Sale are listed here so be sure to read them over. Happy Shopping everyone!!!

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  1. Excuse me, this new motto of your mom and yours does not really help a girl out.... oh well... looks like I will just have to keep loving the ones I already own... :-)

    I will have to keep an eye on the baby items... my SIL is due with Number ONE in March!! :-)

    Miss you friend. I hope to run into you on purpose sometime soon!!


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