Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas at Uncle Joe's

For as long as Eric and I have been friends with Joe, he has had followed a very specific Christmas tradition...playing Santa. In the beginning, he didn't dress up in a big red Santa suit, but he did drive around Christmas Eve leaving presents on everyone's doorsteps. For YEARS I tried to convince Joe to come in and visit with us so that we could give him his gift too. But he always insisted that this was his tradition and he wanted to keep it that way. My arguments were unsuccessful. Until...

These two came along :-)

And then this guy...

And this guy...

When Joe became "Uncle Joe", he became a big old softie. All I had to do was tell him that the kids wanted to spend time with him on Christmas and he broke down. So this year, Uncle Joe invited us all over for a Christmas breakfast, complete with waffles, pancakes, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and toast. Here he is cooking up some bacon (hence the smokey picture :-)

And here is Aunt Dana slicing her delicious cinnamon bread...

While we were busy cooking in the kitchen, the kids played in the presents...

But when paper started flying...we realized it was probably time to let them open gifts for real..

These kids ripped through presents in about 30 seconds...

Except for Blake...who took his sweet time :-)

Judging by the way Blake took to his fishing pole, I think it is safe to say we have a little fisherman on our hands. Daddy was pretty happy about that :-)

And even though her face doesn't show it, Addie was SO EXCITED to get the Tinkerbell music box and Alarm clock she was asking for.

She was so excited in fact, that she dropped everything and ran right over to Uncle Joe for a hug...

After the gifts were opened and the kids had mounds of toys and paper to play in, the adults opened their gifts.

Even though we all got each other some great stuff, I think the gift we were most looking forward to busting open was this yummy treat from Uncle Joe...

Most people don't drink Dom in their PJ's, but hey...that's just how we roll :-)

So that we could enjoy our mimosas, Uncle Joe put together some of the kids toys...

But instead of playing with them, these 3 monkeys decided to just hang out instead :-)

I have to admit...even though I always got a good laugh out of Uncle Joe's Christmas drive-bys...I like celebrating this way much better. I think the kids agree!

Thanks for a great morning Uncle Joe! We love ya!


  1. Wow! DomP and everything! That is an awefully nice tradition I'd say!

  2. aww precious! Looks like y'all had fun :)

  3. What a fun tradition! :) Looks like the kiddies weren't the only ones who had a blast! :)


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