Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Confessions and a Question About the Sickies

Because confessions are good for the soul, I would just like to make it known that I:

Haven't been on the treadmill once this month. Not. One. Time.

Have only been out of my comfy pants 4 times in three weeks.

Still have cushions on my patio table because I didn't get them into the garage before the first snow and now that they are frozen to the chairs...I'm pretty sure they are going to stay there all winter.

Have eaten anywhere from 4-6 sweets (i.e. cookies, candy, Little Debbie Christmas cakes, etc.) a day...and that's low balling it.

Have given my kids way more popsicles than they should have the past few weeks, but it's for good reason...

You see, my poor kiddies have been sick with a cold on and off for over two months now. You all remember when their colds turned into sinus infections in October/November, and just when I thought all the sickies were behind us for the season, Addie got a cough. It didn't seem to bother her much so I just let it go for a week or two. But then when she got a slight fever with it, we figured we better take her to the doc. Turns out she has Bronchitis. I was almost relieved, because the doc said Bronchitis isn't contagious. That meant Blake was probably in the clear. Well, although Bronchitis isn't contagious, the cold it develops from apparently is. Now today, Blake woke up with a cough, runny nose and slight fever. Boo!!

The question I want to know is...have anyone else's kids been sick this much this winter? My kids don't go to daycare and other than Ballet, Addie isn't in any other activities. So I just don't understand how it keeps coming back to get us so often. The kids are with their cousins a lot and I do notice a lot of things going around in general. They could have easily picked it up from Target or where ever...but we haven't left the house a lot with the crazy weather we have been having. I guess the only good news is that these little colds are not keeping the kids down. They are playful...

And although a little whiney at times...still pretty happy...

So I guess I should be thankful that it isn't worse. But I do still worry about them and I HATE when they are sick. I can't possibly clean and disinfect my house any more than I do, and I obviously can't take them both out in a bubble...so what's a mom to do? Is it normal for kids to have multiple colds in one season? I only ask because I am starting to Google (which is what I do when I need immediate answers) and after reading some things about chronic colds, I am convinced our house has Black Mold somewhere. So really...help a crazy, paranoid mother out and tell me that my kids aren't the only ones sick all the time? Thanks in advance :-)


  1. Jen- Here is what I know. Zach was perfectly heathly for 6 months. Went to daycare, was sick a lot...like at least once a month for almost 6 months. Must have finally built up immunities and was healthy for almost a year. Recently after Thanksgiving, both of the boys got colds, Z bounced back in 3 days, versus Matt's week. I think that Addie is exposed to kids at ballet, who are exposed to more at daycare ect. She is probably just catching up her immunities. Sad for Blake because he is sick at a younger age, but more likely he will not experience as much illness once he is older. Kids get sick. Fortunately their bodies learn to fight the infections and then they get sick less. I always think of my 1st year of teaching when I felt like I was sick every other weekend ,including a bout of pneumonia I thought was going to kill me, versus now when I maybe get ill 2-3 times a year. Not bad for all the germs I can come in contact with in my oh so not sterile environment! Its normal, and in some weird way, its healthy. I remember Z's doc once saying I should be glad he had a low grade fever. It meant that his body was doing what it should, fighting the infection. I still thinks that sounds ridiculous, but whenever my boys are running a low grade fever it prevents me from speed dialing the dr to find out what is wrong. Stay off of google, and for God's sake, and yours DO NOT GO TO WEB MD! Hope the kids get healthy in time for the holidays.

  2. It's probably because I was at school and Liam was with another child all day but we were all sick way more than usual this year. It's amazing how quickly kids can pick up germs and pass them along not matter what we do! I too hope the kids recover quickly so they'll be healthy and happy for Christmas. :o)

  3. Jen - I can put a check next to EVERY one of your confessions! Just swap popsicles out with hershey kisses and candy canes! So bad. I need to get back with it next month!

    Thankfully my girls are rarely sick...so I'm not sure what to tell you. Of course now that I've said it, I'm sure one's bound to get something!

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  5. Since we are confessing today, it's only fair that I confess to you:

    1. I haven't sent all of my Christmas cards out yet.

    2. I haven't finished wrapping all of my gifts.

    3. I haven't really worked out since Thanksgiving week (eeeek!!)

    4. My eating habits have been less than stellar as of late.

    So you're not alone! :(

    PS. Would you mind emailing me your address again? :D


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