Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Goals & Meeting the Twins

After my crazy long list of goals last month, I decided I keep it short this month. goes...

* FINISH Blake's baby books. I absolutely have to do this for his birthday party.

* Start running 3 days a week again. I have been the biggest slacker with running this month. I am lucky if I get on the treadmill once a week. I can make a million excuses why, but I won't bother. I just need to make this happen :-)

* Make Blake's first birthday EXTRA special so that I don't have to hear, "Aww...poor baby. His birthday is so close to Christmas" again :)

* Relax and enjoy the holiday season. This is my biggest goal of all. I don't want to be bogged down in the hustle and bustle and I certainly don't wont to worry about a bunch of to-dos this month. It should be about family, friends and FUN!!!

I had to laugh at myself today when I looked over my goal list last month. What the hell was I thinking?? But to my surprise, I really did accomplish almost everything I set out to do (at least to some extent) so I am happy about that. Here is a little recap of last months goals and accomplishments...

* Tie up loose ends from October (i.e. playroom pictures, blog sale and Blake's scrapbook). Most loose ends have been tied, except for Blake's scrapbook. I have to just pick a night and work ONLY on that.

* Run the Hot Chocolate 5K and beat my best time of 31 minutes and 16 seconds. Check/Minus. I ran the race and had a BLAST! But I didn't beat my best time. Better luck on the next one :-)

* Cook at least one meal from scratch each week. I'm talking main dish AND sides. No boxed potatoes or frozen/canned veggies. Di will be happy about this one :-) Minus. The only week this happened was Thanksgiving. Ha! I still can't believe I even set this as a goal :-)

* Complete at least 75% of my Christmas shopping CHECK! I am just about done!!

* Purchase and send out invites for Blake's first birthday party CHECK! I just need to get stamps.

* See Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. I CAN'T WAIT!!!! CHECK! Eric actually took me to see Harry Potter which was very romantic. I know the movie wasn't that exciting for him, but he pretended like it was just for me. Gotta love him :-)

* Have at least one girls night. I don't care who it ends up being long as there is wine and good conversation. CHECK! My Bff Linsey and I went out for mexican food and margaritas. It was fabulous :-)

* Read at least 2 non-school related books. I have two great running books from my birthday that are still not finished, and a series my SIL has been trying to get me to read for months. I have plenty of material to chose from. Minus :-( Just had too many other things to do at night.

* Try a new side dish for Thanksgiving dinner CHECK! I made a delicious brussel sprouts dish. YUM!!

* Start one new family Thanksgiving tradition CHECK! We now have the official kiddie table!

* Set up ALL of my Christmas decorations. I have skimped the last two years but I want to go ALL OUT! I'm talking Clark Griswold baby :-) Not sure if it is Clark Griswold worthy...but all my decor is up and it looks BEAUTIFUL!! I'll post pics of that later.

* Road trip to see my BFF Tara and her beautiful new twin girls CHECK!!!

Meeting Brynn and Cora was so special for me. This has been a long pregnancy for Tara and meeting these two beautiful, healthy babies was something I have been looking forward to for a while. It was so nice to finally drive down and meet each one.

Here is beautiful Brynn...

And here is gorgeous Cora...the "diva"...

And here is Addie's boyfriend Connor. He just gets cuter and cuter every time I see him!!!

The thing I love about these kids is that no matter how long it has been since they last saw each other, they pick right back up where they left off...

And that gave me time to do a little bonding with Brynn. I have never been able to feed my babies a bottle (because they both refused them) so this was a fun experience :-)

And here is Tara, the proud mama...

And this is just a little glimpse of what I would look like with 5 children. AHHH!!!!

As I suspected, Addison was in love with the girls. She just loves babies and she wanted to hold them all morning...

Look at Cora looking at her...SO cute!!

And while we were holding the girls, Auntie Tara got to do some bonding with her godson...

After our little reunion, Tara and I took Addie and Connor to see Tangled. The movie was SO CUTE, but I realized that Addie was still just a little too young (and too active) to sit through a long movie. She did have fun and I am glad we all got to spend some time together. I just hope we can get all these kids together again soon :-)


  1. Tara looks WONDERFUL! Bless her heart she's got her hands full! The girls are just gorgeous! Tara, you need a blog so we can all enjoy the chaos your life has/will become ;o)

    Jen, about your goals. Yer nuts. K? If my goals are to get out of bed everyday and TRY to be productive then- SCORE!!!! But you have two kids and I don't know how you get annnnnnything done. So even if you only nailed a percentage of yours, I'd say you did a damn fine job!

    ps I told you I don't even cook that many homemade meals!!

  2. Beautiful twins! And cute coat, Jen! ;)

    Yeah, goals? Stay awake? That's mine...

  3. Oh my gosh! Jen! You are awesome! You have done soo sooooo much more than I can imagine doing, especially with babies and kiddies! I bought the brown leather nine west satchel last year... Still carrying it! Secretly hoping you posted a black one, for a same ridiculous awesome price!!! You really motivate me every single day and I do not have babies and I work full time, meaning 40 hrs - that's it! You are such an inspiration!!! :) bless you and your family!

  4. We're so glad you, Addie, Blakey, and Mamacita came to visit us! The movie was a little rough, but Connor and Addie had to do something special for their big date. :)

    Diana, I had considered starting a blog, but I can barely manage to get myself showered and dressed everyday! The girls are both sleeping right now (woo-hoo!), so I'm sneaking in my internet time. And now I hear screaming. Someone's up!

  5. Tara -even if you wrote in gibberish and sluggish sleeep deprived language, I'd still read ya!


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