Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Did You Know I am Related to Linus, Snoopy & Pig Pen?

Charlie Brown Christmas was on tonight and I am not sure who was more excited...Addison...or her two Grandmas. Mima Patti called at 6:30 to let us know it was on and Nana Jan called at 6:45. It was kind of sweet actually, thinking about the two of them at home flipping through channels and then racing to the phone when the realized it was on :-)

I have to admit...I was pretty excited too. Charlie Brown Christmas is one of my favorite holiday movies.

I had never really realized it before, but we have a lot of peanuts characters in our family. For starters, Addie is working on a pretty impressive Linus carrying around her blankie "Pinky" everywhere she goes :-)

And tonight, my mom and I realized that Snoopy is TOTALLY Howie. They have the same funny little attitude and if Howie could work a typewriter, I think this is how he would spend most of his afternoons...

And then there is Pig Pen. If you have ever read my SIL Diana's blog, you know that is what we call my brother Adam. He is stubborn, always surrounded by a cloud of dirt, and totally adorable. I think the nickname suits him just right :-)

And then there is Charlie Brown. I think if I were to pick one character I am most like...it would be Charlie. When he hangs his head and walks away defeated from his little Christmas tree...it makes me want to cry. He is dramatic and sensitive and that is SO ME!! I heart you Charlie Brown.

I think my absolute favorite part of the whole movie is when the gang decorates Charlie's tree for him in the end. He just looks so happy! And then they all tilt their little heads to the sky and start singing Hark the Herald Angels and again...I want to cry.

Such a great Christmas movie. Nothing gets me in the mood for the holidays more than Charlie Brown. Well...except maybe a little National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Anyone else have any favorite holiday movies? I know I have a list a mile long :-)


  1. So glad you didn't say I was Lucy! Who should we crown that one with? HA!

    Ok so Christmas Movie - HANDS DOWN National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! Then let's not forget A Christmas Story, White Christmas which I finally saw in it's entirety thanks to you, ALL the cartoon classics and then my most recent addition to favorite would be The Family Stone.

    If you haven't seen that one, it's so worth it! I love all the characters and can't pick which one is the best! Very touching and flippin' hilarious!

  2. Gawd, yes. The Bishop's Wife with Cary Grant, Love,Acutally and Scrooged. I don't care for slapstick, so ELF didn't make my list, but White Christmas and Holiday Inn are must watches for me.

  3. My favorite by far is the original Miracle on 34th Street. I watch it every year by myself. Love it!

  4. Now who could be Lucy? Dramatic, bossy? I'm not calling it!!!

    Aside from all the cute Christmas cartoons, my favorite has to be Christmas Vacation. But thanks to Di, I recorded and watched Family Stone and loved it. Of course the traditional White Christmas and Miracle on 34th Street. Oh, and Holiday Inn and Scrooged and.......I guess I just like Christmas movies!!!

  5. I'll admit it...I might be a little Lucy :-) But aren't ALL women a little Lucy from time to time?

    As for the rest of my favorite Christmas movies...I love White Christmas, Scrooged, Home Alone (the first and second only), Love Actually, The Holiday and Elf. Elf made my list because I LOVE Will :-) Great comments everyone!

  6. Hands down, Christmas Vacation! I haven't had the chance to watch it yet this year.

    Funny, the first time I've seen CB Christmas was at your house! ;) I am sure my mom probably had me watch it before but I don't remember... it's cute though! I also like The Holiday & Love Actually as well as pretty much any other Christmas season movie... Hell, I watched Jingle All the Way with Arnold the other day and enjoyed it. Lol!!!

  7. I was disappointed last night because we decided to watch the Glee Christmas show instead of the CB Christmas. Imagine my excitement today when our Netflix movies arrives and it's the Charlie Brown Christmas movie! Yippee!! I love the Santa Claus movies with Tim Allen. The first one is actually the best, but they are all three good. It's not Christmas til I watch them... I also love the old Rudolph, tho I admit the snow monster scared the wits out of me when I was a kid...


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