Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Mueller Christmas & Some Santa Love

Today was the annual Mueller Christmas party and if you remember posts from Christmases past, you know that my Dad's side of the family is...well...huge. We can't fit in anyone's house so we have to rent a banquet hall (or church basement) to have our Christmas party. The only great thing about this set up is that the kids have plenty of room to roam...

I was a very bad blogger today and forgot my camera, so I am happy that my mom and my cousin Kris had theirs handy for at least a few shots :-)

The kids were all so excited to see each other today. Addie and Gracie hung out a lot this afternoon, and I think they might have arranged a playdate for Christmas break :-)

And Addie wasn't the only one ready to party today. Blake ran into his buddy Presley and they spent some time chit-chatting...

The kids pretty much cruised around doing their own thing until a very special visitor arrived!!

When I saw Santa walk in, I was so excited for Addie. She was just asking me today if we could go back to the mall and talk to him and now here he was!! She waited very patiently in line to get her chance to tell him (for the 50th time) that she wants a bike...

Santa gave her a treat, and promised her a bike and "lots and lots of other great presents". Thanks a lot Santa...why didn't you just promise her a puppy too? Haha! Just kidding :-) He was a very sweet Santa and Addie took right to him...

She might not look that excited in this picture, but I promise you she was :-)

After Santa's visit, the kids did their gift exchange and Addie got a great Melissa and Doug Cake Set (thanks to her sweet little second cousin Molly) and Blake got a new tool set and some footie PJs (thanks to his second cousin Jarred). Now...the funny story about Blake's gift is that my Aunt Judy called to ask me what Blake wanted. At this point, I had given out almost every toy idea I could think of, so I told my Aunt to get him some footie PJs. She laughed so hard on the phone I almost couldn't understand her when she told me that she could not be the aunt responsible for giving Blake a gift as boring as PJs. I laughed too, and just told her to get him something "boyish". But bless her heart...she got him footie PJs too :-) I will never, EVER live this down with my aunt, so I had to make sure I documented this story. Too funny :-)

Despite the horrible weather we had today, the Mueller party was a lot of fun as always and I am almost sad to see it go. But judging by how fast this past year went, I know we will be at the Mueller 4th of July party before we know it :-)


  1. I just have to say that Addie's outfit in these is pictures is ADORABLE!! :)

  2. OMG she is getting so big...what a little lady. Adorable!

  3. ah that sounds like so much fun! and how awesome that you guys do gift exchanges so no one has to buy for everyone.

  4. Addie looks more like you everyday!


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