Thursday, January 13, 2011

Attention Disney World Experts

I can't even describe how freaking EXCITED I am to finally be planning our first trip to Disney World!!!!!!

We won't be traveling until the Fall, but everyone keeps telling me I should start my planning process now so that I can decide what we want to do while we are there.

Because of the kids ages, we only want to do a 5 day trip. Two of those days will be traveling and we would like one of the other days to just be a pool/beach/relax day. So essentially, we are looking to spend two days at the park. I already have a few things I know we want to do while we are there.

1.) I want us to go to a character breakfast or lunch. I haven't decided if I want to do a Mickey/Minnie lunch with the whole family, or if I want to do the Princess lunch and just make it a "girls thing" while the guys do something else. What are everyones thoughts on dinning with characters? Worth the money? Any special meal/place/time that is worth looking into?

2.) Because of the time of year, I want to go to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. I have heard this is a GREAT time for the kids, especially if they are obsessed with Christmas like my kids are :-)

3.) My mom and dad promised a kid-free night for Eric and I while we are there so we can't wait to go to the Epcot Wine and Food Festival! Has anyone been to this? Any specific country we should start and end in?

I honestly have a list a mile long of things I would like to do there, but I have to remember that the kids only have so much energy in them. And so do we :-) So I am looking for some advice from all of you Disney experts out there. I know there are SEVERAL of you in my family alone, so I would love any advice you have about where to go/what to do/where to stay/etc. Please take in mind that we will have a 2 year old and an almost 4 year old at the time we go :-)

And last but not least, if anyone has any great tips on saving money, using discounts, purchasing meal plans, purchasing tickets in advance, etc...please be sure to let me know. We are already prepared for this trip to cost a fortune, but if there are ways to save...I'm all about it :-)

Can't wait to read all your comments!!!!


  1. the food and wine festival is nice. i think i liked italy the best. the character breakfasts are nice. never been to the princess one. save lots of money because disney is expensive for sure, especially if you buy mouse ears with the kids names stitched on the back. you'll have a fun time though.

  2. Definitely do the disney dining plan, it may seem expensive at first but it is well worth going to all the character dinners and nice places to eat. You can make reservations exactly 6 months before your trip and you don't have to have your trip actually booked and paid for to call and make dining reservations. They go QUICK!!! So start planning.

  3. Lots of The Peanuts music and dvd's to get you there...and then what Kris said "wine", lots of it to drown out well, the "whine".

    :) Can't help ya much there sis!!

  4. 1. Been to several character breakfasts and all are worth it. If Addie loves the princesses, do that one. She'll love it as it is rather intimate without a ton of ppl at a meal and the princesses all stop and say hi so it is great photo ops. If not, Goofy's Kitchen is great.
    2. Haven't been to Dworld for the holidays but my brother works for Universal and says it is well worth it.
    3. Love Epcot. We have fun bouncing from country to country and having a drink in each one. Haven't done the food/wine festival but my brother says it is great. This last time we did the Kim Impossible adventure they have throughout Epcot and laughed the entire time. Yes, it's a kid thing but Disney has this amazing trick of turning adults into children. You really can't go wrong at Epcot. Another nice dining place is the Brown Derby at MGM. Or several of the properties have nice restaurants.
    4. You will love, love, love to watch the magic through your children's eyes.


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