Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bears & Beakers

I was hoping I would get to write this really fun post about the Chicago Bears going to the Super Bowl but if you watched the Bears vs. Packers game know that the Bears are in fact NOT going to the Super Bowl :-(

But hey...there's always next year right? We did get to enjoy the game with my in-laws today and even though the kids were all stylin in their Bears gear...

They could honestly care less about the game. Blake was way too busy playing with Papa Steve...

And Addie was too busy watching Tinkerbell on my phone. Doesn't she already look like that bored-to-death teenager that is too cool family parties?

The kids all had a lot of fun tonight and because they burned an insane amount of energy at Mima and Papa's house...they are currently passed out.

And speaking of burning energy...Blake has been a busy little guy this week. Just last Sunday, I posted about how he took his very first steps. Well, he has been practicing all week and he is finally starting to get this whole walking thing down!!

Yesterday, Aunt Tara sent Blake a little present in the mail. As I said a few posts ago, we all call Blake "Beak (or Beek)" because that is how Addie always pronounced his name. BUT...we also gave Blake this nickname based on the little squeaking sounds he would make as a newborn. If you have ever watched The Muppets, then I am sure you know this guy...

This is Beaker and although he is not NEAR as adorable as my little Beak, Aunt Tara thought it would be a fun, silly little present to send him. I had to call Tara the minute I got it in the mail because when we gave Blake his nickname, I went in search of a plush Beaker and had no luck finding one! So this was a treat for Blake...AND me!!

THANK YOU Aunt Tara!! Blake loves his new toy, as you can see from this picture of him whipping it around...

And we even used it to give Blake motivation to walk for the camera tonight!!

I don't know what it is about kids not wanting to perform for the camera, but I have found that if you distract them with new stuffed animals and bouncy balls (that they can whip at Nana's head)...they forget about the camera and finally do what you ask them to do. Sort of...

Sorry once again for my totally obnoxious voice. I find it helps to turn the sound off when you watch :-)

I really wanted to make sure I had this moment on video because first steps are so precious. I love how they all look like Frankenstein toddling around with their arms out. I was hoping to catch Blake clapping for himself, which he has been doing ALL week! But that will have to be for another video :-) was everyone else's weekend?


  1. Yeah for Beek! He looks so cute walking with his arms out like that!

    Love the doll Tara sent! How perfect is that? A keeper for sure!

  2. Yay, I'm glad Beek liked his Beaker! I thought it was pretty funny, but you are right, nowhere near as cute as the real Beek.
    Love the video too. I especially enjoyed Eric in the background--it sounds like he's lecturing someone!

  3. I was going to post on the Jets winning, but no such luck either!

    Yay for Blake walking!

  4. Could our Beek be any cuter?

  5. Oh man!!! That makes me miss you all!!!! :( Super cute Mr. Beek though!!! :)

  6. Sooo cute! I love how you described Addie as a bored-too cool for family parties teenager. She really does look like that, especially in her skinny jeans! Haha! Blake is so cute and so tall like his big sister!


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