Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Birthday Party Playdate

Yesterday, our neighbor's grandson Ryan turned 2!!

Sue and Jack babysit Ryan every Friday and they really wanted to make his day special. So, they invited Addie and Blake and I over for some cupcakes. Knowing how much Ryan LOVES the bouncy house we have in our basement, I asked if they would rather come to our house for jumping first! So the kids spent the first half of our birthday playdate jumping themselves silly. But when the cupcakes started calling, Blake was the first one up the stairs...

And after Grandma Sue lit the candles...

Addie got to sing her FAVORITE song, "Happy Booday"...

But since she is tone deaf like her mother...I am sure Ryan's wish was for her to stop singing. Haha!

Grandpa Jack and Addie are buddies. Whenever we see Jack in the driveway, Addie has to run over and say hello. So I am sure it came as no surprise that she would insist on sitting next to him...

The girl loves her cupcakes...

And from the looks of does the birthday boy :-)

Now THAT'S how you eat a cupcake :-)

Last minute playdate parties are the best and now that Ryan has discovered that we keep the bouncy up in the basement all the time...I am sure he will be over a lot more.

Happy Birthday Ryan!! Hope you had a great day!


  1. Blue cupcakes to boot! Bet that left a mark :)

  2. aww way too cute!! How sweet!

    oh & p.s. I have a giveaway going on right now for an inspirational doggie print. It is adorable. I'd love if you came and entered! :)

  3. The boy is looking very cute. I think that you arranged so well on the birthday party of this lovely little boy. The pictures are so fabulous. Nice stuff!


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