Friday, January 7, 2011

Blake's 1 Year Photoshoot!

It dawned on me yesterday that I never got Blake his 1 year pictures!!! Bad mommy :-( I guess it felt like I already had though because Uncle Ryan took our Christmas pics (and the one I used for his invite) and then with all the flashes going off throughout the holiday season...I guess I just thought we had already taken some shots somewhere in there. Luckily, I had a giftcard for Picture People in the mall and I was able to get an appointment today.

Despite the somewhat chaotic session, we got some ADORABLE shots of Blakester. He was such a good boy cheesing for the camera...

Auntie Tara got Blake this outfit for his birthday and I thought it made for a really cute casual picture :-)

Look how big he looks in this one!

Love this one :-)

Before Blake could escape, we had Addie jump in for a few shots. She was SO not cooperating, but this one is pretty sweet...

I actually wanted to get a few pictures of Addie by herself but between messing with her headband, watching the little girl next to us get her picture taken, and begging Nana for tic-tacs...she would only stop to smile once or twice.

Oh well. She will get her own 3-year photoshoot in a couple of months :-) Let's hope she learns how to listen by then. haha!

While Addie was working it for the camera, I was able to switch Blake into another outfit. Auntie Linsey got us this one and it just screamed "Eric". And seriously...could Blake look any more like his Daddy here?

This one might be my favorite. SO precious :-)

And then of course we had to get the cake eating picture....

This boy seriously loves his cake!!

Those eyes!!! I could just eat him.

This isn't my favorite cake picture, but I love his hair. This is how it looks EVERY day :-)

After getting SUPER messy, I could see that Blake was about to lose it....

And he did :-)

But least we got some really cute shots!!!! I want to do a fun outdoor photoshoot with both kids this summer when Blake is 18 months and Addie is 3 1/2. My brother Ryan does such awesome outdoor pictures and I just realized that because both kids birthdays are during winter/early spring...I haven't had their pictures taken outside yet!!! Get your camera ready Uncle Ryan!!


  1. The black and one is my favorite. Precious! Such great shots :)

  2. Those are some great pictures. Blake really looks like a little man now not like a baby baby anymore. The shots are all beautiful but I love the one of him with the hat on in the black and white and the one of Addie sassing it up for the camera. I hear you on the picture is tough. I think next time we go Daddy will be coming along!

  3. he is so cute. great pics!

  4. Awe, how is anyone supposed to pick a favorite when they are all so good?! And actually, the one with him crying is super cute too! And I love the one with the sign your mom made. That was a good idea!

  5. SO cute Jen! I love his little outfit with the hat! Such a big boy!

  6. I can't believe your little guy is already 1!!! All the pictures are great, especially the one with the cupcake --- I love pics like that. So cute!


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