Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bye Bye Boobies!

ATTENTION: The following post is about my boobs and/or breastfeeding so if you are uninterested in reading about these things...skip this post. To my brothers...don't say I didn't warn you this time :-)

So...here's the thing. Blakey Boy has been successfully breastfed for 12 solid months. I am blessed beyond belief to have a baby that took to it so well and I feel super proud of myself for sticking it out and making this huge sacrifice for my little guy. But this post isn't about the happy side of breastfeeding. I am not going to spend the next few paragraphs talking about the wonderful bond it gave me with Blake, or the extra calories it burned, or the money I saved from not having to buy a single can of formula, etc. I will save all the positive stuff for another post. This post is about the drama of breastfeeding. Not drama on my part. Drama on HIS part....

You see...Blake is a mama's boy. A mama's boy that loves the boob. It is his happy place. And knowing that it's Blake's happy place makes me use this secret weapon whenever he is sad, or sick, or hurt, or just in the mood to cuddle. I enjoy these moments just as much as he does. Well...I did enjoy these moments and even though I am a little sad to say goodbye to those moments, it's time to move on. It's time for this mama to get her boobies back.

So the weaning process has begun in the Davis household. The good news is that Blake does great with a sippy cup. He holds it by himself and will chug away on whatever I give him. He is also eating 3 meals a day of solid food so the boy is getting nutrition elsewhere. I am happy that the problem isn't that he won't eat or drink anything else. That would be a whole new level of awful.

BUT...now that this little bugger is aware that I am trying to wean him, he suddenly wants to nurse all day. He just looks at me and starts crying. Not just a little fuss or whimper, I am talking roll-on-the-floor tantrums, crocodile tears, and the most pathetic cries you have ever heard. My heart just breaks for the little guy. I know this is a huge adjustment for him, but it's not like I am stopping cold turkey. I was just trying to cut the daytime nursing sessions and then move on to the night sessions until we are fully done. I have slowly been trying to do this for the past month but we have made no progress...mostly because I get to a point each day where I can't take the crying anymore and I give in.

So this is the point where I ask for advice. It has been a very hard few days trying to start this process and I am not coming up with any solutions. Does anyone have any great advice in this department? Have any of you weaned a reluctant 1-year-old?

This weekend, Eric has agreed to take Blake for the day while I go somewhere with Addie. We think that maybe being away from me for the day will allow him to break the attachment a little. I know it is only a temporary solution, but we figure it is worth a shot.

I know that my boobie drama isn't the most exciting topic for a post, but it's all that is on my mind right now. Any advice that all of you can offer would be much appreciated :-)


  1. This... this is why I love you! Ha! Motherhood is certainly not all lullabies and giggles and you're always honest without being ungrateful. :) Glad you'll have the girls back soon! I suppose that means Eric is happy too! ;o)

    I obviously don't have any advice... hehe.

  2. Oh I wish I had advice but I have not been here yet. I just wish you the best during the weaning process! We all appreciate your honesty :)

  3. I'm about to become a first time mama myself so I am incredibly interested in the advice you get. Wishing you all the luck!!

  4. Well, I don't have a lot of advice b/c I only pumped for 6 weeks! Jarrett is 1 now & hates sippy cups! At least yours like thems! I hope that changes soon, because those Dr. Brown bottles have so many parts & I'm getting sick of washing them :P

  5. I only breastfed for 5 weeks so kudos to u for a year! We r now weaning Colton off the pacifier and he is having a fit! Crying and throwing himself downa nd saying pluggie over and over. :( So i feel your pain and also give in at times. I think just keeping at it and time away w/Daddy will take his mind off the boobies and just make Erik keep taking him, :) And Addie too and then u can go get a massage! Good Luck!

  6. My little man is almost a year and I am starting to wean too . . but the man is a boobie monster, and even taught himself to say Boobeeee pleeeezzzz. I know what you're going through :)


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