Monday, January 17, 2011

Confessions From the Time-Out Chair

This is Addie's Time-Out Chair...

It may be the most used piece of furniture in our house these days :-) I am trying to be much more consistent with discipline and when you really "follow the rules" of time-out, it seems like your kid is on it ALL the time.

Addie really only gets sent to time-out for 2 things lately: 1) Talking back and 2) Being rough with her brother. Instead of simply asking Blake to move, she pushes him out of the way. Like...stiff arms him. She always tells him she is sorry and helps him up, but even after being sent to the time-out chair 30 times a day...she still does it!

Anyway, Addie was sent to her time-out chair yesterday by 7:30 a.m. for what else? Pushing Blake. Every time Addie is sent to time-out, I always sit down in front of her when the time is up and ask her if she knows why she is being punished. She ALWAYS knows why she is there an yesterday she said:

"I pushed Beek and he fell over and cried very very hard and it was bad"

I was just about to let her get up and go apologize to Blake...but then she continued..

"I took a banana even though mommy said "no no" and I hid it in the chair"

And she wasn't lying...

"I took a pen out of mommy's purse and colored on the wall even though mommy said to color on the paper only"

And she wasn't lying. My bedroom wall had pen all over it. I don't know HOW I missed that.

I didn't know whether to yell at her for doing all these things, or praise her for confessing and telling the truth! I honestly couldn't help but laugh when I found that banana in the chair, so I couldn't be mad at her.

This time.

I wonder if the time-out chair confessional works for everyone? I wonder if sitting Eric down in the chair would make him confess to eating the last of my reduced-fat Oreos? Or if my mom would confess to using the dictionary while playing Words with Friends?'s always worth a shot!!


  1. I'll confess to using the dictionary if you do!!!!! And I don't need the chair to do it! But I only use it for "q" and "z" words!!!

  2. Oh that is a catch 22 for sure! Funny!!

  3. I would love to borrow that chair. There are some people who I need confessions from and I'm sure you know exactly who they are ;) Love ya!

  4. So funny! At least you know how to get the truth out of her!

  5. That is hilarious! I think I need a chair like that for Liam. I ask him if he went poopy (the smell makes it obvious) and he'll say, "No mama, no poo, doggies poo." He'll blame it on the doggies or whoever is nearby, lol.

  6. There's always "qi".
    I'm Lynne Mau on WWF and I am not afraid to resort to the Qi if necessary. :)

  7. Loved this! The banana made me laugh too.

    I have a very random question for you Jen. A while ago you posted about eco-friendly baby gear & recommended the re-usable breast pads for nursing moms. I am wondering if you got those online or if you bought them from a local store? I live in Plainfield-so not far from you! My email is Thank you!!

  8. Hi Nicole!

    The breastpads I talked about can be found here:

    I do believe they sell some reuseable pads at Babies R Us, but I am not sure which brands or how good they are. The FizziBuns pads always get really good reviews!


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