Thursday, January 6, 2011

Couch to 8K?

So I already admitted last week that I haven't been out running since November. I can blame this on the cold snowy weather we have had the past two months, but the sad part is...I HAVE A TREADMILL! An awesome treadmill that I literally begged for for my birthday. I can blame that on the craziness of the holidays, birthdays, etc. but that still isn't good enough. I just plain lost my motivation.

On New Years Eve, I sat around thinking about what motivated me to start running in the first place. I know it was because I wanted to lose the rest of my baby weight, give myself a new challenge and overall..get healthy. Luckily, I was able to do those things in 2010. I lost all my baby weight (and then some), I met my challenge and learned to love running AND I would say I am the healthiest I have been in a long time. Or at least I was before the holidays. HA!

So what is going to give me motivation in 2011? Besides staying healthy...I think my motivation is going to come from racing. Not racing to win...but racing to beat my best times. I never in a million years thought I could run 3 miles straight and now I am actually considering trying to run a 15K (which is about 9 miles) in November. I really think that what kept me going after I graduated the Couch to 5K program was signing up for events. I ran my first race in September...

And then my second in November. Just look at all my recruits :-)

Having running buddies is definitely the best part of racing for me. We motivate each other and push each other and that is what we all need :-) SIL Dana and I sat down and looked for our first race of the season. Our friend Joe mentioned the Shamrock Shuffle, which is actually an 8K, and we thought PERFECT!!! It is on April 10th which means I have a LOT of work to do! We signed up early because we (1) need the motivation and (2) didn't want it to sell out. Apparently the race sells out every year, which blows my mind because the cap is 40,000 people!!! Just look at the crowd from last year...

UNREAL!!! So anyway, Dana and Joe and I are all signed up and ready to start training. I ran for the first time last night and even though I didn't run as far or as fast as I was still a lot better than I thought it would be after such a long break. Hopefully my Christmas Couch to 8K program works. Ha!!

So, is anyone else starting a running program in 2011? Any new Couch to 5Kers?


  1. I did one day of Couch to 5K and thought I was going to DIE...but I did it and I was so proud, but then the next day it was too COLD!! I'm hoping to pick it up when Texas stops having "bipolar" weather!

  2. Ditto to comment above with an extra @%&**

  3. Haa haa Diana and Jan! Too funny. Jenny I think it's great that you r running and i have always wanted to myself. I totally lack the motivation right now but maybe come spring? Just maybe. :)

  4. I finished my first week (AGAIN) of the Couch to 5k today! :-) I am using the treadmil, cause there is NO WAY I am going outside...and I have to say the thing is, my arch is KILLING ME. I hope that I figure it out soon, cause I don't know how the more running is going to go... ideas?

  5. You girls are so funny :)

    Kate - I am so freaking proud of you for completing week 1!!! That is the hardest part...getting started :) as I said on Facebook, the key to fixing your arch problem is investing in good shoes (I know people bash Nike but I love mine) and get yourself fitted for some insoles. I swear it will make all the difference in the world!!!

    Julee - I can't tell you how much I hated running before I started couch to 5k. I NEVER thought I would enjoy running as much as I have. I think it has a lot to do with being able to have 30-40 minutes all to myself :) I know you could do it if you started. I can always use another running buddy!

  6. Jessica - running in the cold SUCKS!!! Here's hoping for an early spring :)

  7. I'm going to keep going! Doing a 5k on Feb. 12th! Want to fly out? ;o)

    I am determined to keep exercising! However, I would rather have the answer that Jan & Di have... however it's not good for my health, right? RIGHT! Keeeeeeep pluggin'!

  8. I always admire people that can run even 5k's let alone bigger races. I've always wanted to do one! Good luck to you!


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