Sunday, January 30, 2011

Damn You Dexter!

One of the reasons I am always reluctant to get into a new TV series is because I barely have time to watch the shows I am into now. Thank goodness for is one of the best inventions ever.

But when Eric's buddy lent him Season 1 of Dexter a few weeks ago, I caved and decided to watch a few episodes with him. And that's all it took. Two episodes and I was hooked. We stayed up WAY too late, WAY too many nights in a row so I was actually relieved when the first season was over.

But on Friday, Eric came home with Seasons 2, 3 AND 4 from his friend. So can you guess what we did ALL weekend while the kids slept?

That's right friends. We are now on Season 3 and I am seriously tempted to just stay up all night watching it so that I can get it over with. Haha!!! If you haven't caught an episode of this are seriously missing out.

Great writing. Great characters. Great storylines. And to be honest, Eric is pretty excited that I am loving this series because he was getting a little tired of vampires :-)

So...what did all of you do this weekend?


  1. I did the SAME thing with Dexter!!!! A friend let me borrow ALL of the season (except this last one) and I did NOTHING but watch them! I was so glad I was sick that weekend b/c I did nothing but lay in bed watching episode after episode! I havent seen this last season b/c I dont have showtime and it hasnt come on dvd so i know the second it comes out thats what ill be doing! haha

  2. Dexter is the best show that has ever existed. I got hooked and watched season 1-3 in literally a week. Had it on my calendar when season 4 then 5 was back!

  3. Oh no! I'll probably never get them all in if there are that many seasons already.

    Hey, you've got lots and lots of books to catch up on too! Get going!

  4. I FRICKEN LOVE that show!!!!!! Just only gets better! I wanted to name my son Dexter but Gardner wouldn't let me. :( Love Dex! Enjoy

  5. guys are making me want to watch more tonight, even though I SWORE to take the night off to get something done. Ha!

    Ashley - We are going to be snowed in around here the next few days so I am hoping a LOT more Dex is in my future :-)

    Lins - We are SO talking about Dexter next time we get together. Which should be soon by the way :-)

    Di - I know I have lots of books to read too, but you have to get on this show with me. It is so up your alley I think.

    Julee - I am LOVING the name Dexter! But Eric probably wouldn't have let me use it either. We need to watch the show together sometime and introduce Di to his hotness :-)

  6. you're kind of making me want to try it? Except one of my new years things was to watch LESS tv... :)

  7. I did the same thing with Prison Break! I've heard great things about Dexter so it's next on my Netflix list!


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