Monday, January 24, 2011

A Day With My Ballerinas...

If you ask Addie what we do on Mondays, she will smile and shout at the top of her lungs "DANCE CLASS!!!". I just love that my little ballerina loves to dance. She isn't shy about showing people her moves and I just hope she keeps that same enthusiasm come recital time :)

The girls have already started preparing for their recital and it is really pretty sweet. They will be dancing to The Teddy Bear song and they will all get a matching teddy bear to go with their recital costume. They've been asked to bring one of their own bears to class each week so they can practice. Today, Addie decided to bring her favorite build-a-bear named "Co Co"...

It was so cute watching all the girls file in with their bears today, I had to take a picture :)

Once a month, my SIL Dana has to work on a Monday which means that Nia gets to ride with us to dance class! Addie loves the days that we get to take Nia because they can chit-chat the whole way their. Well today was extra special because we had Nia come home with us after class! I told Addie that if they were good...we could get "Old McDonald's" for lunch. Do you think she was excited?

The girls must have worked pretty hard in class because they ate like little piggies. Although, that's pretty much how I scarf down McDonald's fries too :-)

My cousin Jill, A.K.A. Super Nanny, stayed to watch Blake today while I took the girls to class. And after a yummy fattening lunch, she lounged on the couch with the girls :-)

I knew that naptime was pretty much out of the question today, since the girls can never seem to settle down when they are around each other. But when they both asked to get into their jammies and lay in Addie's bed...I was all for it!!!!

And they were quiet in bed for a good 25 minutes. I thought, "Could this really be happening? Could they both be asleep?" 5 minutes later, just as I was walking down to check on them, I heard giggling. Turns out they weren't sleeping...they were in mid tickle fight...

So we gave up the nap idea and busted out the Play-Doh...

And some books...

And before we knew was time for Nia to head home. They gave each other a HUGE hug...

And Nia asked if she could come over every day.

Nia Beans...I would have you over every single day peanut. I love you to pieces :-) Hope you had as much fun as Addie and Blake and I did!


  1. These are the CUTEST pictures! I love that the girls are close and will always have each other as they grow up!

  2. All those little girls in their tutu's are so darn cute!

  3. A dança é uma bela arte que contagia.Parabéns!visite meu blog

  4. Hi! Just wondering where you get the cute dance leotards? My daughter is going to start a ballet class soon, and I am not sure where to get them! Thanks :)


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