Friday, January 28, 2011

Eco-Friendly Friday: Make 6 BIG Changes This Year for Under $30

It's the end of January, which means we have all had a solid month to make good on our New Years Resolutions. How are all of you doing?

I read a list of Top 10 Resolutions for 2011 and can you guess what was on it? GOING GREEN! I am happy to see that it is making everyone's list this year. I know it can be overwhelming (and expensive) to get started but since January is also the month for retail sales and is the time to make good on your resolution. is having their FABULOUS inventory clearance sale and some of these prices are unbeatable!!! What if I told you that you could make not one...not two...not even three...but SIX huge steps in going green this year? And what if I told you could make these 6 changes for under $30?! Would it make you commit to your resolution? If so...then you are in luck!

Here is a quick list of 6 must-have items to help your start your own reusable inventory.

First up...Klean Kanteens, which can run close to $20 regularly, are now on sale for $10.95!

Replacing disposable water bottles is probably one of the biggest changes you can make, along with replacing disposable shopping bags.

These fabulous Recycled Fabric Reuseit Workhorse bags are marked down from $10.95 to only $3.95!!!

And while you are replacing disposable shopping bags, why not replace your produce bags as well?

These Reusable Cotton Produce Bags are only $1.50!!!

I know changing your grocery shopping habits is a big step, but why not keep going and change your lunch routine as well!!

Your first step is getting an insulated, reusable lunch bag. This Reuseit Brand Lunch Bag is marked down from $15.95 to only $5.95!!!

And if you are going to replace your lunch bag, it only makes sense that you replace your snack bags too. These adorable Reusies Snack Bags are just $6.95!

I debated whether or not to include this To-Go Ware Bamboo Flatware set, considering reusable flatware is already a part of our everyday lives (at home anyway). But did you know that an estimated 40 BILLION use-and-toss utensils are thrown away every year? Isn't that the most ridiculous thing you have ever read? And to think that stopping this problem is as simple as throwing your own set of flatware in your lunch bag every day. So that, my friends, is why I am including this set on my list. Plus, at only $5.95 a can afford to get one for every member in your family :-)

I know that finding reusable items is easy these days. EVERYONE is trying to get on the green bandwagon. But just remember how important it is find quality reusables. I am sure you have all seen some reports lately about led being found in reusable bags. You can take comfort in knowing that doesn't sell any of the bags on this list. In fact, most of them are the cheap reusables you find in dollar bins at some of your favorite stores. So beware friends...

Well...I hope this list helped everyone! I would love to know if any of you have "Going Green" on your New Years Resolution list. What changes do you plan to make? What have you already started doing?


  1. Hi,how are u? i saw your city in the google earth,this city is veryyy green,it is very good feel for me, that see sombody in this little city share their thinks.
    have a good life

  2. So 'losing weight' didn't hit number one and something real did!? That is awesome!

  3. I LOOOVE my workhorse bags! I've gotten a ton of compliments on them so I'm buying a bunch for little Valentine's gifts!! Thanks for the post girl! Wouldn't have known they were on sale! :)

  4. Nice!! Did I ever tell you what I bought with my giveaway winning? Have you heard of the Bobble? AMAZING product!! It has a mini-filter on it so you can always drink filtered water no mater where you are! Yeah, LOVE it!! Oh & come enter my giveaway! :)


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