Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gone Scrapping

Sorry for the lack of post tonight friends! I got a little caught up in my new obsession. I guess this isn't the worst thing to be obsessed with right now, especially since I managed to scrapbook almost 20 PAGES tonight! But it does take all of my concentration which means that when I wrap up for the night, I am left with very little creativity :-)

I have been scrapping two different places tonight. I started in Picasa (my new love) and made about 10 pages. These are two of my favorites...

While I was on a search for some free digital scrapbook paper, I stopped over at my other favorite scrapbooking site, ScrapBlog. I have talked about ScrapBlog before because it is where I usually make all of my invitations, blog headers, etc. I have been using this site for several years so as you can imagine, I have built up quite a bit of "stock". Problem is...the papers and embellishments you use on ScrapBlog can only be used on their site. You can't transfer them to Photoshop, Picasa, etc. So...I have never really done much actual scrapbooking with them.

However, I received a notice today that ScrapBlog is merging with a new company (that looks very similar to a Snapfish or Shutterfly) and unfortunately, ALL of the papers and embelishments I have purchased over the years will NOT BE TRANSFERED!!!

Now, it's not like I have a fortune invested in this site, but I am really upset that I will no longer be able to use all of my cute stuff. So in exchange for the inconvenience, they are offering their customers free high-quality image downloads for all scrap pages you make so that you can have them printed or save them on your computer. I have been working like a mad woman tonight because the site will be changing on FEBRUARY 1st!!! That leaves me very little time to use my stock so I wanted to make use of my night. Here are a few of my favorite pages so far...

I am SO HAPPY with how these pages turned out! I really wish I would have done more scrapbooking on ScrapBlog over the past few years, especially considering how easy their site was to use, but I have always been a traditional scrapbooker and it was hard to make the change. Oh well...at least this gives me motivation to get a LOT done in the next week :-)

I hope you all had a great, productive night too!


  1. Well that stinks that they didn't give you much notice! Get your pen out!!

    Your pages look awesome! Black and whites are always my fav!

  2. Looks good! I can't wait for you to tell me how to do it! HA!

  3. Great job Jen! I love the pages. Did you use Sarah's(Clover Lane) tutorial? Let us see the printed result sometime soon ok!

  4. Chelsi - It is SO EASY! Read the tutorials on Clover Lane and you will be scraping in no time!

    Amy - Yes...I used Sarah's tutorials and then spent some time messing around with things on my own. Once you know the basics of Picasa, it is super easy to learn the rest. I am going to get a stack of pages printed soon so you can see the quality. I am hoping they come out as awesome as they look on my computer :-)


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