Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Just Might Keep This Resolution

This will be the second time this week that I link to Clover Lane but seriously...Sarah is one of my heroes :-)

Over the past few months, she has done several posts with tutorials on how to use Google's Picasa to make blog headers/banners, digital scrapbook pages and more and I finally took the time to sit down and read them.

A while ago, I downloaded the trial version of Adobe Photoshop Elements and I am sure that once I learned how to use would be super easy. But even after watching some videos and tutorials, I had no idea how to do a lot of basic things. But after just one naptime of reading through Sarah's tutorials, I have created my first two digital scrapbook pages on Picasa!!!

They are very simple, as I still have a lot to learn when it comes to creative touches, but for my first try...I am pretty happy with them!!

Like I said...very simple. But in a way, I sort of like them simple! With regular scrapbooking, I had a tendency to go overboard with embellishments and I feel like that takes away from the pictures sometimes. Plus, you could easily spend about $15 on one page in stickers, papers, cutouts, etc. Picasa is FREE and I was able to find a lot of FREE digital scrapbook papers online. Sarah links to a lot of these sites too, but one site you should bookmark is Persnickety Prints. They print 12x12 digital scrapbook pages for only $1.99 and the quality is suppose to be amazing.

This all gives me great hope for completing one of my New Years resolutions, which is to get caught up on ALL my scrapbooks this year! Thanks so much for these great posts Sarah! You rock!! And if any of you are looking to start using Picasa, even if it's just for making your own blog headers, head on over to Clover Lane to learn how :-)

Happy Thursday Everyone!

P.S. Thanks for all the help with my weekly calendar search! I have a lot of great ideas and I promise to post about them later :-)


  1. I just bought "My Memories Suite" to do digital scrapbooking but I should have just used Picasa for free! Da! Luckly it was on sale and really not expensive...but! This is the way to go for me as well. I have lots to get done too.

  2. I love your pages!
    I am so glad that someone else finds Photoshop just impossible. There is just TOO much for my brain. I love the simplcity of Picasa, because sometimes less is more! Less choices especially...and NO money except the printing cost. It's fun to have to get creative and figure out how to get all those embellishments on there...printing out a sheet (you can find some by googling) of the symbols for wingdings and webdings is great...also the holiday font if you have it has great little things you can get creative with.
    Thanks for the link and glad you like the brownies.

  3. I wonder if digital scrapbooking would make me want to stab my eyeballs out like the real deal does?

    It's your thing and you do it well! Good job on the pics. Of course the good 'material' helps alot! Too cute!

  4. So cute!!! So, what does this say for me? I think Picasa is complicated???? HAHA!!! I remember when Sarah did the posts on her digital scrapbooking and that is what helped me make a few collages in Picasa. But, they take me forever!!! WTH! I need help... Wish you were just down the street so we could have digi-scrapbooking girls night so you could help me! ;)

  5. Woah, cuteness! You did a fantastic job!


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