Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Someone is Having a Baby!!!

And I managed to keep it a SECRET!!!! Can you believe it? For more than 6 weeks, I have known that I have a little niece or nephew on the way and I haven't been able to blog or brag about it. So now that I've got the go ahead...I will let the happy couple share their news...

AHHHHHH!!!!!! My brother Ryan and Sister-in-Law Meagan are having a baby!!!! I am just over the moon excited for them! Even though I have known for some time now, it feels more exciting today for some reason because I can finally tell everyone that I get to be an auntie again!!!

We also shared the news with Addie and Blake and they are super excited to have a new cousin on the way. Addie didn't totally understand things when I was pregnant with Blake, but now that she knows that babies grow in mommies bellies, she wanted to carry her own baby that way too. See the little arm sticking out of her shirt?

Meagan and Ryan told us in a very cute way. They had a small stack of pictures from their anniversary trip to New York and after I thumbed through a few pictures of Central Park and Times Square...there was a picture of them holding the sign above. It was such an exciting day and I am SO HAPPY to finally be able to share this news with everyone.

And now that the cat is finally out of the bag, I can post pictures of the gifts I got Meagan and Ryan for Christmas. I put together a whole pregnancy survival kit filled with baby books (funny and informational), some belly cream, eye cream, a new pair of slippers and a few other essentials...

And I didn't leave Daddy out either. He got a funny informational parenting book, a bottle of Advil and a Lego Headlamp. You he can see things more clearly. Ha!

You know...I got Meagan and Ryan parenting books for Christmas because if they are anything like me, they want to be prepared. I know I really enjoyed reading while I was pregnant and even though I am sure they will appreciate all the little tips...I don't think these two have anything to worry about. They are already two of the most fun...

Most energetic...

Most loving...

Aunt and Uncles in the world and I just KNOW they are going to make two of the most amazing parents :-)

We are all so very happy for you Aunt Meagan and Uncle Ryan! We love you guys so much and we are so happy that baby Mueller is happy and healthy in there. I hope these next 6 months fly because seriously...July can't get here soon enough. CONGRATS AGAIN!!!!!


  1. congrats auntie. how exciting!

  2. Oh my GOODNESS!

    I am so happy for them... and you!!! What an exciting time! I can NOT WAIT to be an Aunt! What a great way to get a baby fix AND sleep... the perfect combo! Congrats to the entire brood!! :-)

  3. What a cute way to tell you guys! So excited too!

  4. yay for a neice/nephew!! sooo exciting and what hard secret to keep!

  5. Yay! That's so exciting! And great job by keeping the secret!

    So happy for your family!

  6. What?! Ahhhhh! I'm mad you were a good secret keeper!!! Congrats to everyone! :)

    Being an auntie is SO fun!!!

  7. so exciting.. I love the gifts!!!!!!

    When should we expect your next blogsale?

  8. Congrats to your brother and sister in law! Also, how exciting for your entire family!

  9. that's so exciting! Congrats to them. I think 2011 is the year of the baby. Everyone I know (including me) is pregnant. We are expecting our first in July too. :)

  10. Yay! I love new babies! I wish I could be an auntie, but my sister is 13 so.. I have to wait a long time!

    They just look like they'll be awesome parents!


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