Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weekly Calendar Ideas

Even though I am super proud of Eric and I for keeping our calendar's up to date on our phones and computer, I find I am still in need of a more obvious reminder each day. I have been doing a lot of menu planning, task/cleaning scheduling and with all the other last minute reminders and appointments that get added to the calendar each week...I realize I need something else to keep me organized.

In my opinion, there is no better place to keep a calendar like this than the kitchen. But since I lack any real wall space in that room, I am not able to put together a fabulous calendar like this...

I have a monthly wall calendar hanging up right now, but the squares are not big enough to add appointments, menus, cleaning schedule AND any other notes. So I think what I need is a weekly calendar that I update every Sunday night. But where do I find something big enough for what I need, but small enough to hang on a refrigerator or small wall?

I wish this post was about offering all of you ideas, but instead, I am asking for help. Do any of you use a weekly calendar that hangs in your house? Do you use chalk or dry erase? Do you make your calendars on your computer and then print them? Where do you put this calendar and is your family good about looking at it or adding to it? I am going to keep on searching but I thought I would ask all of you for help too. If you have any great ideas, please leave a comment and I will try to do a follow up post if and when I come across something great :-) Thanks in advance friends!


  1. Jen Pottery Barn kids has a wall calander I've been eyeing for awhile now. Like you I need one. I have missed 2 dr appts in the last 2 months, and I plan on putting mine in the mudroom. The calendar is a bit pricey at $99, but what from PB kids isn't?

  2. I need help too! I've been thinking of using one wall calendar and then a few cork boards (meals, to do, appts) under it where I can pin up big sheets of paper that can easily be taken down and changed etc. Hope you get some good ideas!

  3. My Franklin Covey Planner is the "master" planner but each week I make a family meal plan and calendar to hang on the fridge. If has been working well so far and I am pretty sure my husband looks at it. He has yet to add to it but I do that for him. I picked up the pages a long time ago and just finally started using them this fall.

  4. I am pretty lazy, so I just write out a meal plan and hang it on our only wall space in the kitchen but it could easily go on the fridge. I've tried buying a corkboard/whiteboard thing before but honestly... I'm a little fickle and hate writing on small whiteboards. Big ones? Great. Small ones? I can barely ever read the writing and someone usually brushes up against it and wipes a whole day away! HA! I have also printed out blank calendars and filled them in like that too. I'm sure in Excel or even Word you'd be able to print a 7 row document and maybe even some columns to keep things organized (meals, appointments, etc). To make them cute (which I know you love to do) print them on cute paper. You can buy scrapbooking paper by the page, right? So buy some Valentine paper, St. Patty's day paper, spring paper, etc. That'll be super cute! To me, these types of things have worked best so far instead of spending a bunch of money on a decent looking whiteboard contraption! :)

  5. I use the Busy mom's calender from Costco... has really strong magnets for the fridge. squares are big enough to write lots into... comes with stickers for the kids... i love it! And i only have one 1 year old!

  6. Thanks so much for all the help ladies! I have been looking around online a LOT and I have a good list of ideas. I am going to post about them soon.

    Amy - I totally saw that calendar on PBK and it is actually perfect in size for the small wall I have. It is definitely on my radar, but at $99, I am trying to see if there are any other options :-)

    ASC - Awesome ideas!! I saw something set up on an organizing site similar to that, but they used large boards and a large calendar which looked beautiful...but I am working with much less space. Still a great idea though! You will have to post about it if you complete the project.

    Danielle - I heart my Franklin :-) Where did you get the pages you use for the fridge?

    Chelsi - know me too well :-) I actually started messing with my digital scrapbook stuff to see if I could make something cute to print. I may be on to something...I'll share the file with you if you want it :-)

    Ashley - I am going to look into that Cosco calendar...sounds perfect!


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