Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Addie & Blake's First Haircuts!

First haircuts are a pretty momentous occasion. So naturally, I forgot to charge the battery in the camera that I made sure to put in my purse the night before.


Luckily, I had my iPhone and even though the picture quality isn't great, I was still able to capture some really cute moments with the kids. This little chic right here was actually excited to get her hair cut today!

Blake wasn't thrilled...but he hung in there.

I think he would have been happier just hanging on this firetruck all morning...

And to be honest, Addie probably would have been fine horsing around in the waiting area too...

But when they called the kids names, Blake pointed at Addie to go first.

I would have let her, but Blake's patience was already running out and I wanted to get him in the cute little seat before he realized what was coming. At first, the little guy was totally content...

I think the clippers were fascinating to him...

But when he realized what was really going on...he was over it.

And the tears started flowing :-(

Even though Blake cried, he sat really still for the stylist and in the end, he got himself a SUPER cute new hairdo. And when it was all over, Nana gave him some cuddles.

And that made everything ALL better :-)

Next up was my little Drama Queen.

Even though she said she was "So Hoppy!" to get her haircut, I wasn't sure if she would cooperate when the time came. But this little Jeep seat made all the difference.

She was SO sweet sitting in her little chair the whole time.

When the stylist told her to look up...she did. When she said look down...she did.

And when it came time for the blow-out...she just sat there like a little angel.

And almost fell asleep.

For being such a good little girl, the stylist told Addie she had a special treat...

So she braided her hair...

And gave her a little crown.

That just made her day. And now she has a beautiful new haircut...

And a bag full of candy, compliments of Papa.

I would say it was a pretty successful day!! Hopefully all of our haircuts will go as well in the future :-)


  1. They were great! It was a fun day, topped off with pizza and balloons!!

  2. Glad your trip to the salon went so well. That place looks amazing! I wish there was a kid-friendly salon in my town. When Carter was little he did not like getting his hair cut one bit and threw a huge was a nightmare!!!

  3. since blake cried, presley isn't the only wuss which makes me feel better. we need to toughen these mama's boys up!

  4. How awesome...what a special day! Your kids are such cuties!

  5. That is the cutest hair place ever! Wow! The kids look super cute. What would we do without camera phones?!?


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