Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Bouncing Ballerina Party is in the Works!

When I asked Addie what she wanted to do for her birthday this year, I wasn't surprised to hear her say, " BOUNCY HOUSE!!!" I mean...I know it's really original and all...not like we did the SAME thing last year...but oh well. It's what she wants and it was a lot of fun so who cares if it's a repeat right?

But I do like to have fun with birthday planning so I wanted to pick some sort of theme to go with it. She has been all about dress-up and tutus lately so I thought a "bouncing ballerina" party was the perfect fit. So I set out to make the invitations first. I purchased the ballerina clip-art and then worked within Scrapblog and Picasa to make this invite...

I think they turned out really cute! I'm telling you friends...LEARN to digital scrapbook. You can make everything yourself!! I even made these coordinating cupcake toppers and printed them out on cardstock at home...

And then I purchased a 2" scallop punch and glued them to small lollipop sticks...

I will be making cupcakes once again, but I learned a new frosting technique so hopefully they will look a little less "homemade" this time :-)

Now speaking of homemade, I consulted my Mamacita for Addie's birthday outfit. I see people all over Etsy selling personalized birthday t-shirts with matching tutus so I thought surely Jan can pull something off. And did she ever. Just look at this ADORABLE birthday outfit Addie gets to wear!!

Here is a close-up of the t-shirt she made...

Like I said....ADORABLE!! Addison is so freaking excited to wear this, I keep catching her trying it on in her closet. She is going to be the cutest bouncing ballerina ever!

Since I didn't have to purchase a bunch of decorations (the bouncy house decorates the party room for you), I wanted to make sure I did something really cute for the favors. My mom came up with some so cute...I can't even post about it. I want them to be a surprise for the party. But don't will get to see plenty of pics. In case you didn't mom totally rocks :-)

If you have followed my blog for a while, you know this isn't my first rodeo. I love planning parties and decorating and crafting and obviously...I get all that from my mom. I have a LONG way to go before I am even half as creative and talented as she is, but together we make a pretty good team. So remember when I said that we are working on a business this year? Consider all this a little preview of what we hope to be doing some day. My mom's product list is a mile a long and so is my idea list. We just need to figure out how to make it all work. And more importantly...where we both find the TIME to make it all work. So until then, please feel free to e-mail me at adailydoseofdavis{at}gmail{dot}com if you are looking for inspiration, would like instructions on how I make invitations and cupcake toppers, or if you are interested in a personalized t-shirt and tutu. My mom is already accepting orders for those now :-)

Well I must run friends! My bouncing Ballerina just bounced into her brother. Have a great day!


  1. SO CUTE. Your parent's are so talented! I may have to ask for some help for Isaac's third birthday shirt... although, I don't think he will be keen on the tutu! :-)

  2. Thanks Kate! So glad you commented! I was starting to second guess our business there for a while...considering NO ONE commented today. Thanks friend...knew I could count on you :-)

  3. I will comment too, but I'm part of the business - ha!!! You have alot of "silent" followers. Lots of hits but hardly anyone takes the time to comment! Maybe our business isn't that great of an idea! :( p.s. Thanks Kate!!!!!!

  4. What an awesome, awesome idea!! I love it... you and your Mom are SO incredibly talented and creative! Such cute ideas :) I will definitely have to keep you guys in mind in the future for my lil man!!

    PS-LOVE Addie's birthday outfit, theme, decor ideas, etc-too cute!

    Go Super Mom ;-)

  5. I love the idea! I will certainly use you in the future! ;o) I am guilty of reading and not commenting, sorry friends.


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